Friday, October 12, 2007

2007 Stormtrooper Coin

Sometimes I really dig the "pack ins" that come with figures. At times they can be pieces to build bigger figures, extra props, comics, stands, dioramas, cards, you name it. My favorite "pack in" to date for the Star Wars figures is a tie between the Commtech chip and the Freeze Frames. Though this shiney coin is not bad. The ideal with the 30th Anniversary figures was that you get a coin with each figure and you could buy a Coin Album and not only collect the figures, but all the coins. That's just a little too much collecting for me. Plus I have a hard enough time finding the figures I want, let alone the coins. So these things pretty much take up room in a box somewhere, till I get rid of them.

The coins are kind of a throw back to the original Power of the Force coins from the original Kenner line. This is not the first time the coin card has been played. When the Power of the Force two line came out, there was a small set of figures that came with golden coins and a display stand. Speaking of golden coins, some of these 2007 coins come in gold, part of the 2007 Galactic Hunt! Yeah! More difficult coins to find for your album! So I guess all this coinage could have some sentimental value to some.

That said, here's the coin that came with the most recent Stormtrooper figure. It's got a snazzy Stormtrooper on one side and the Imperial symbol on the back. The only thing it's missing is the phrase "In George We Trust". I wonder if you can spend these things at the company store on the ranch. That would be cool if the different characters had different denominations and you could save your coins for some special figure or toy... better not give them any ideas.

Well being that it's got a stormtrooper on it, I guess I'll keep this one for the collection, and display it proudly as this weeks "Stormtrooper of the Week"!

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