Friday, October 12, 2007

Why Alex, Why?

Okay I know they (Marvel) are going for a reaction, and it's not Steve Rogers, but why give Captain America a gun and a knife? I say No! This isn't Captain America!

So to further drive the point home that we live in modern America we give Captain America a pistol, my Grandmother used to say "Real men do not need guns." This is like giving Aquaman a hook hand or turning Superman into a killer.

I usually dig the treatments that Alex Ross gives these classic characters, but not this one, I do not approve Mr. Ross, not at all.


megomuseum said...

You're not alone, this does nothing for me either.

rob! said...

it does seem very anti-Cap to have a gun, and Alex Ross is all about the original integrity of these characters, so its a puzzling redesign.

Jay Amabile said...

I saw that on G4 yesterday. What's with the black pants?