Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hulk get mad, Hulk get strong!

Actually I think that was a line from the talking Hulk action figure, which was basically this figure without the arm activation mechanism and came with a back pack that held the sound chip. Well, we're not here to talk about the talking Hulk, we're here for this little giant. Believe it or not, this Hulk is actually smaller than most of his Marvel counterparts from the same line. I guess Gamma Radiation wasn't all that it was cracked up to be in 1991.

This is another great example of mold the figure in one color and just a few paint applications later you have a super hero! Now I can honestly say I'm really not a huge Hulk fan, though I probably could identify with the character more than any other super hero. I really find it hard to find Hulk toys that I truly like, besides this guy, I have a Toy Biz first appearance Hulk that I really dig, and I would love to someday get a Mego Hulk, that and there's a vinyl classic looking Hulk out there that is pretty cool looking.

Hulk here has one of the most insanely designed levers on his back. It's actually a lever that raises and lowers his arms and then there is a pull out tab in the center of the lever that makes his arms "crush" things. He originally came with a boulder he could crush (not very well I might add) and a little plastic "steel" rod he could bend. Really adds to the whole raging, mad look of the character. Though, now that I look at this Hulk he looks less mad and more disgusted... "What do you mean Hulk small? Hulk get sad..."


rob! said...

what is with Toy Biz and its neon-bright, 110% color applications? you can read by that Hulk at night!!

megomuseum said...

I remember they spoofed this line in the Hulk comic, Rick Jones is going on about the cool stuff the other figures got and Hulk says "I got a rock"

Jay Amabile said...

yeah, the mechanism on the back was a bit confounded. I must say that you probably should grab the Hulk Mego because to me it's one of the best action figure incarnations of him.

Jason said...

I found this very same Hulk at a garage sale for the insane price of 25 cents.