Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Toy Without Fear!

Another "craptastic" figure from early Toy Biz days, it 's the Dare Devil, circa 1991! I really appreciate the paint application on this figure, a little bit of flesh color and a dab of black on the chest and we're done! Sometimes it's the simple things!

The "billy club" feature which really turned out to be a firing grappling hook is pretty cool, and it works pretty well, but I must have killed myself trying to find a Dare Devil with a true billy club as advertised. These were before the days of all they Toy News infornation sites, I still wonder though, did one ever exist???


megomuseum said...

I made a killer Blue Beetle out of mine in '91. I won a Wizard contest with it years later.

Now it wouldn't win a childrens custom contest. How times have changed.

chunky B said...

Blue Beetle that's awesome, love to see a pic!

rob! said...

cripes, how did Toy Biz stay in bizness making toys like this? all their heroes looked like Jim Belushi!