Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bounty Hunter: Burger King Squirting Boba Fett!

What else can I say about this? Rendered in the super deformed style popular in Japan, just fill this Boba Fett with liquid (of your choice) and get to squirting. Originally released back in 2005 as a kids meal premium, it wasn't till my bud, Bill found him and Yoda at a garage sale that I came across this figure. I gotta say this is the type of stuff I really like, it's goofy, has an action feature, and it was free!

You know when you collect certain characters, your bound to accumulate a lot of similar stuff, like action figures, so coming across stuff like this keeps it interesting.

1 comment:

rob! said...

awww...."he's wurth awot to me awive!"