Friday, June 27, 2008

Attack of the Mugatu!

Okay I'm watching a rerun of that classic Star Trek episode, A Private Little War, and I thought "huh, the Mugatu is a lot cooler than I remember him to be, I wonder if I can find one?" Well no sooner than the episode is over I did a search on the Bay and it's full of Mugatus! Big surprise, no one seems to be collecting the Star Trek toys anymore. I found one that was rather inexpensive and had cheap shipping and placed a bid. A few days latter this little magnificent bastard shows up on my door ready for all sorts of adventures! What else can I say it's a freaking space ape, with a giant horn for a head. The deal breaker for me was that he had the spines and tail on his back, I always thought the figure was flatter than it really was.

Well I set him free to roam the collection, you just have to remember to stay away from his poisonous fangs. I think the thing that cracks me up is that Playmates Toys always tried to pack some accessories with their figures, and this creature who didn't even use props in the show, came with all sorts of stuff. He has a little base that doesn't really hold him, a flint lock riffle, a drum used by the hill people, the root that can be used to remedy the poison from his bite (might be useful), and a type two phaser that is totally out of scale with any of the figures. He can hold it though, and that makes him much more dangerous Poisonous and armed!


Bubbashelby said...

That figure is righteous!

I do the same thing: see something on TV or read about something and suddenly I'm on the computer looking for representative toys.

eBay is like internet-porn for toy collectors.

Anonymous said...

that episode also had hands down the hottest kirk conquest of the whole series, she was smokin'

love me the mugato, i'll probably be pickin' up the repro/mego mugato to go with my romulan and andorian just cause its so freaking NOT the mugato!!!!!!
the sculpt on this is really nice the face and hands particularly. great design on a shoe string from back in the day..........