Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ha, like this wittle guy could possibly get that angry. I said it before, but it bears repeating, Hulk has not always been my favorite Marvel Hero, but I just love the expression on this Hulk's face!

This little, raging fiend is from Hasbro's Mighty Muggs, Marvel line. Series one to be exact. Mighty Muggs is Hasbro's attempt at mass producing artist designer toys. Though these guys are not vinyl, more of a hard injection molded plastic, they do have that designer toy look. Standard Body shapes with different paint applications, cool packaging, and a collect them all sort of vibe all add to the designer feel. The thing about the mass produced designer toy is the price is much lower than the artist produced ones, makes sense. So at about 10 bucks you can have the look and somewhat the feel of a funky designer type toy. hasbro started making these with Star Wars, I'm hit or miss on these. Some look really cool, some look horrible. It's weird the characters I like the least, to me, have the greatest expressions on their faces. That is what makes the toy in my opinion, since they lack much articulation and playability.

Hulk here is not one of the hardest ones to find, that honor goes to Iron Man for some reason. I've seen one Iron Man, but the price was marked up double what it goes for in other stores, so I passed. This might have been a mistake, but I didn't feel like paying that much for a Mugg at the time. Besides Hulk a few I've been considering from the Marvel line is Iron Man, Captain America (his chin kills me on the Mugg), the Thing (Ben Grimm in the Hizouse!), and Thor, who looks kinda cool as a Mugg. Spidey also makes an interesting Mugg as well, he might find his way into the collection, thought I'm not sure if I should go classic red and blue or wait for the black costume. Hasbro has pretty much taken the Star Wars Muggs into all sorts of directions already, plus they are launching and Indiana Jones line later this year, but I have to tell you I was more excited to see these Marvel characters pop up all of a suden. SDCC will also be bringing some exclusives from each of the Mighty Muggs lines (nothing I can't live without, but cool non the less), and I'm betting Transformers and GI JOE are not far behind.

A side note, the package says these things are made from 100% recycled awesome! Does that mean it's made from recycled toys of the past that were so cool that they didn't sell so they had to grind them down and make Mighty Muggs?


rob! said...

how cute! HULK GO POTTY!

Bubbashelby said...

Hulk want Binky!