Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Codename: Okay I admit...

... I'm a GI JOE collector, but not go to the conventions, have all the old ones from when I was younger, all the original Adventure Team collector. More of a trying to get as many of the 25th Anniversary, have a few Adventure Team reproductions, still have a handful of my original small JOEs collector. Though I always kinda wanted to check out a GI JOE convention, they had one in town years ago, I should have went, anyone from the GI JOE convention reading? How about giving the Alamo City another go?

I'll also go on record that I'm curious about the live action movie coming out, you know Darth Maul being Snakes Eyes and all. So with that here's the third version of Snake Eyes that I have picked up, I believe he might be the fourth or fifth release of the character. Now I'm no small weapons expert like ole' Snake Eyes here, but I would think keeping two big combat knives strapped to your chest, with the points towards your neck couldn't be too safe, but hey like I said I'm no expert.

This version of Snake Eyes (what a great name by the way) is loaded to kick some Cobra butt, two detachable combat knives, a three section staff, the obligatory ninja sword, a sub machine gun, and a compact combat pack (yeah I made that up, CCP for short). Oh and I almost forgot the movable night vision googles, the main reason I bought this guy, so he could patrol the house at night and keep us safe from terrorists that fashion themselves after snakes.

Yo Joe!

Note to readers: the little score card at the bottom of this post is the official blog count for each team, not the official collection count... stay tuned.

Note to family that might be reading: The 25th Anniversary GI JOEs make an excellent gift in a pinch!

G.I. JOE: 4

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Bubbashelby said...

I could never get into GI Joe as a kid. All those bloodless battles - gunfights from fifteen feet away that resulted in zero hits - every aircraft downed was perfectly exited via parachute.

Oh yeah, and lasers. Not bullets. Lasers.

Snake Eyes is an awesome character though. I've almost been tempted to pick up a couple of these 25th anniversary figures.