Monday, June 9, 2008

Jim Kirk you fool!

Yeah I fooled the pride of the Federation with a puppet! That's right! Take that Kirk!

I will give it to lil' Clint Howard (palying Balok) he did have a big ass space ship, with low ceilings! These two came in a three pack back in the 90's when Playmates Toys ruled the Star Trek Galaxy. I new when I saw this on the bay, that them there puppet and little person would be finding a home at Eclectorama. Doesn't Balok look like Bobby Hill, from King of the Hill?

The episode ranks up there with a few as being my favorites, just to see that little, bald maniac laugh. Now pour some Tranya and take a stroll around the Fesarius!


rob! said...

that Balok still during the end credits of every ST episode was always one of my favorite moments, because i had never seen the episode.

i always wondered "who the heck is that guy?!?"

Bubbashelby said...

What a nifty little figure/set.

"Doesn't Balok look like Bobby Hill, from King of the Hill?"

lol - too true.