Wednesday, July 30, 2008

EMCE Andorian: Why so blue?

Okay finally the EMCE Andorian! I jumped ahead to the Romulan last time cause I was pretty excited to get him, but the Andorian is a pretty cool figure as well.

The thing I remember about the Andorians in the original series was they were always with a crazy villain or they were sort of spineless. I guess that last one was because the ambassador Andorian came off that way to a young mind. It wasn't till I saw some episodes of Enterprise that I appreciated the Andorians on a whole new level.

So this Andorian, while weaponless, will be part of the proud warrior race and not the spineless one of episodes past. I really dig the gloves on this figure, not like the usual Mego style mittens, more like hard little plastic boxing gloves. Perfect for smacking some Starfleet personnel around!

I know I've raved about these EMCE reproductions of Megos before, but I'm really glad these are making a comeback. It gives me a chance to get some of the characters I didn't pick up when I was younger (mainly because of a lack of interest, if it wasn't Kirk and Spock, I wasn't having it!) and It gives Star Trek and Mego collectors alike a chance to get some newer figures. It wasn't long ago I had a post where I had some comments about future characters, now EMCE is releasing a revision of the Gorn and Khan! Plus a couple of other never before seen figures, Sulu and Chekov, Space Lincoln are you just around the corner?


Anonymous said...

got the andorian and the romulan and the star trek exhibit show at the queen mary a few months back and couldn't be happier. i would loved to have had them back in my toy playing days as a kid in the seventies, i can imagine many fun hours of play with these guys, but for now, they are on permanent display in their nicely packed blister cards. the best part about getting them at the show was that there were at least 25 of both, so i got to pick out the choicest versions of both, hands aligned properly, belts facing the right way, legs poor girlfriend is the best, she never complained while i was rifling through them all to find the best ones!

dusty abell

chunky B said...

I read about the Queen Mary exhibit, sounded cool. I hope that the show travels by this way.

I laughed when I read about how you went through all the figures, I do the same thing when I can, but I have been having to order my EMCE fix. To date I have some with crushed bubbles ( a problem I hear), and stuff like the eyes on this guy, though they don't bug me that much...