Tuesday, August 19, 2008

EMCE Spock

EMCE Spock, what can I say? Based on that great Mego toy of the seventies, EMCE continues to knock them out of the park! I knew immediately when these EMCE reproduction figures were announced that Spock was going to voyage home, my home to be exact.

Spock was one of the coolest characters, if not THE coolest character, from Star Trek. Of course he is one of my favorites and I had and still do have the Mego from my childhood. Spock here was released with the Andorian earlier this year. The second release in the series of repro Star Trek figures.

I was thrilled to have a "clean", complete version, of one of my favorite childhood buddies. Not that this guy could ever replace the original, but it's cool to have a complete one and also to have that feeling of opening that package to get him out and into action.

I will eventually post pics of my original Vulcan along with a fairly funny story about how we found each other again after all the years, but that's for another time, till then enjoy EMCE Spock and Live Long and Prosper.


Brian said...

Did you get this online? I used to have this one and Captain Kirk, and it would be great to add them to the collection again!

chunky B said...


I picked up Spock and the Andorian as a package deal from I've also picked up a Kirk and Klingon set from

One of these is sold out, but I think Dr. Mego's site you can buy some as singles.

His Spock price is about what you would pay for him elsewhere. You can also search for Star Trek, Retro Cloth at most sites and find them, I think even the site might have a few.

The bubbles on these usually come dented, the plastic is weak, so I usually open mine. The package is made to re-seal after you cut the edges off.

Hope that helps.

Brian said...