Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mighty Muggs: Chewbacca

Just to catch you up, here you can read a little about the Mighty Muggs from an earlier post. Just like in that post I will mention that it's funny how characters that don't strike me as my absolute favorite get picked up just because something clicks. The Hulks face, Chewbacca's somewhat happy growl here.

The Mighty Muggs are a mixed bag with me, I don't feel the need to pick up every one I see, just a few select ones, a representation of certain pop culture institutions, Star Wars, Marvel, etc. I can say too I find it really weird that some of my favorite characters do not translate well into the Mugg format leaving me on the fence and not really concerned about adding that version to my collection.

So having said that, Chewbacca here is a one of the ones I chose for the Star Wars section, just something about making the character so simple works. I have said before I am not particularly drawn to Chewie, he's cool don't get me wrong, as a kid he was one of my favorites! Just older me wasn't too thrilled about his appearance in the prequels. He didn't seem to do much except give Yoda a piggy back, and even then why did it have to be Chewie?!? So seeing this Mugg reminds me of cool Chewie from back in the day, the Chewie that few starships and blasted troopers, Rock on old Chewy!

I will also note that I called the G.I. Joe and Transformer Muggs before they were announced at SDCC 2008! Of course it's hard for Hasbro not to slap paint on a basic shell and sell it for ten bucks, they even sell them for ten bucks unpainted! At first I scoffed until I realized I could make DC Superhero Mighty Mugs, or Muggs of the family! Do I smell some crafting christmas presents?

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