Thursday, September 11, 2008

89' and 92' Ertl Batmobiles

The 89' Batmobile is loved by some and hated by others, I really think it's a design that you either love or hate, I'm not sure it's something that can grow on you (I could be wrong). Also if you have kept up with the blog you know I'm a fan of this style of Batmobile. I loved the look of this car when it first flashed across the screen!

These are the two that Ertl released for the original movie, yellow bat symbol, and the second movie Batman Returns with the Silver/white bat symbol. I remember thinking what a clever way to tie into the movie with out releasing the same car color scheme. The movie was a much colder setting, being Gotham in winter, and the marketing came off that way as well. So it makes sense that they would also switch up colors on the cars.

Now in the movie the Batmobile was basically the same, and neither one sported a logo on the car. The "Returns" Batmobile did do the split trick where the first movie car was just the standard Batmobile. It was to be assumed that the car could do all this stuff in both movies, just wasn't neccessary to show in the first one. Another cool little difference is that the first little Batmobile is coated in a thick high gloss paint, that tends to obscure some of the details. The second go at the car was a matte finish that shows more of the details. I probably like the second car for this alone, but the first is another one of those "brings back memories" toys so I like it just as much.

The Cars are the same mold, die cast with the plastic bottom. They did change the legal information on the bottom of each from movie to movie along with the packaging. The size of these are about three to four inches in length and about and inch and a half in height. The first movie only produced a Batmobile and Joker Van at this size, the Batman Returns movie ended up with a few other vehicles at this scale, coming soon to a blog near you! That would be here...


Bubbashelby said...

Nice! I never got the repaint, but I have a couple of the original. It's where my Batmobile obsession began!

And I can't wait to "ski" the rest of the vehicles on your blog. I'll feel like a real "duck" head if I "missile" them!

chunky B said...

Ahh, touché!

Jay Amabile said...

oh you guys...the puns! I love it. lol. Ertl did an awesome job...and i still have the cardbacks from these. Great artwork. Batman looked awesome and menacing..and joker looked great too.