Friday, September 12, 2008

Code name: Spirit Iron Knife

I don't know the stream seemed pretty logical to me, plus running through the woods on fire , you're bound to run into Smokey the Bear. I guess though if you didn't you would be lucky to have Spirit Iron Knife come to your rescue.

I have to say I lucked out finding this GI JOE in a store, he seemed pretty hard to find for a long time, I even tried to track him down online to no success. Now that I found him I won't be able to walk into a store without seeing him there on the pegs.

This is another Joe I never picked up originally, either because I never knew they made him or he wasn't readily available. Though once I saw that they were going to release him I was on the hunt. I think the thing I like the most about the Real American Heroes are the Joes that are not dressed in the usual fatigues. You know the ones that have a little personality to their costume. Spirit here has tons with some to spare. He could almost fit in a small Adventure Team line... hint, hint Hasbro.

You cannot look at this figure and not want to take it on all sorts of trail blazing adventures, plus he has an Eagle, how freaking cool is that. Come to think of it how many toys come with a bird side kick, lets see Falcon, Birdman, and... I'm not sure, this might be it. If you know of anymore drop me a comment.

Spirit also comes with one of the coolest backpacks, it has the frame like a real pack, plus an ammo holder, but not just any ammo, tiny arrow projectiles in magazines that clip into his rifle. He also comes with a pretty sweet knife, though the one on the strap does not come out of it's sheath, the one on his hip does. He wouldn't be called Iron Knife if all he came with was a riffle and a bird, would he?

Yo Joe!

G.I. JOE: 12


Bubbashelby said...

Yeah I can see not running if the stream is a mile away and your entire head is engulfed in flames, but his coat was barely scorched and the stream looked to be about three feet from him. It took him longer to say "my coat is on fire" than it would have taken him to get there. lol

Jason said...

Shipwreck has a bird sidekick. Polly! You should have known that one Chunky.

chunky B said...

Jason you past the test... just kidding I should have known that one, all too easy. In my defense when I wrote this post I probably didn't own a Shipwreck figure yet so I overlooked his side kick.