Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Would the real Mr. Spock please stand up...

I've shown Spock as a coffee shop patron, Spock as a evil dopalganger, and even a nod to old school Mego with the EMCE version, so here is just plain old Spock as Mr. Spock from the Playmates toys line of the late EIghties to early Nineties. Spock is dressed in his standard issue blue tunic and black pants. Now the toy originally came with a base, a Vulcan musical instrument, the Tricorder and the Phaser. I borrowed the extra communicator from a Kirk figure!

I set out this past year to find as many versions as I could of the 9 inch Playmates Spock (for a decent price) and so far have five out of the possible Seven that I know of. It's the ones that everyone thinks are rare that tend to get pricy and therefore left off the list. I think I have a pretty good representation at five, the remaining two are Spock in his pilot episode costume and Spock in this outfit but with a purple belt when he fought Kirk, if I find these for a couple of bucks maybe I'll complete the Spocklection! Spocklection is a trademark of Eclectorama all rights reserved! Ha, beat that CBS!

Overall I think Playmates did a fine job at representing the various characters and aliens form all the different Star Trek shows, my only dislike is the lack of articulation in the arms of the characters, just the addition of a articulated wrist of a swivel bicep would have been a much needed improvement. Other than that the costumes are spot on and the likenesses are very nice. I'm actually excited to see what they produce for the upcoming movie.

The accesories, while somewhat out of scale, are also really nice. I wonder if they could have added a hinge to the tricorder and communicator so you could close them up, maybe a spot of velcro on the phaser so you could holster it. For the time that might have been thinking a little out of the box or in too great of detail, sure would have been nice though.

This version out of all of the ones I have also has a little bit too much of the lip gloss on, maybe it's chapstick, for those dry and blistery winds on alien worlds. When I see this Spock it immediatley takes me back to the AMT model kit for some reason, the one with the snake heads. I don't know why but I loved that model, I totally screwed it up as a kid, my dad tried to warn me, but I had to try and paint that kit like the box art. I think if I ever hit the lottery I'm going to find a mint kit and try my hand at it again!

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Bubbashelby said...

Is Spock advertising for Starbucks now?

"Got Latte"

lol - those lips are funny!