Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Returns of the Batman Die Cast

Not too long ago I featured the Batmobiles that flew across the screen in the original 89' Batman and 92' Batman Returns with a promise to show more of the Returns Vehicles. So with out a moments delay here are the other die cast that make up the Batman Returns Vehicles.

First up the Bat Jet Ski Boat, don't look at me, that's what they called it, I would have just called it a Bat-Hydrofoil or something.

This boat that looks more like a submarine made it's appearance towards the end of the movie, when Batman was jet ski boating through the sewers of Gotham to the Penguin's hide out.

Next out of the gate is the Batmissile, which is really a different configuration of the Batmobile. Who didn't think it was cool when the Batmobile ejected it's fenders and reconfigured it's wheels to form this sleeker version to get through the tight alleyways of Gotham? The only thing that bugged me was what happened to the fenders, or what was left of them? Did Alfred have to go pick them up?

Finally the villains ride. A huge Duck. I believe this was supposed to have been taken from what was left of the old abandoned zoo that Penguin lived under. I always got a kick out of the scene where Penguin returns to his hide out and this thing sort of six wheel drives out of the water and up a ramp, just looked funny to me.

So there we have it the Die cast vehicles of Batman Returns! Jet Ski Boats, Missiles, and Duck, oh my!


Bubbashelby said...

A great set for sure. These are all really nice.

FYI, an early concept drawing of the Bat-Ski-Boat (is that Russian? ;) ) had tank treads - which is why the McDonalds toy released at the time has tank treads.

Bubbashelby said...

Oh, I also wanted to add - I think the tank treads and vehicle concept were because the vehicle was originally designed to operate like a snowmobile. It was later changed to a sewer boat, so the treads were dropped from the design.

chunky B said...

Hey thanks E (aka bubbashelby, always wanted to make the aka comment) I didn't know that about the treads thats good to know and finally I have some closure on the McDonalds toy.

Knowing full well stuff gets designed and made only to be changed in the movies, it all makes sense... do I smell a blog entry? Better yet a cross blog entry?

Bubbashelby said...

"Do I smell a blog entry? Better yet a cross blog entry?"

Lead the way, CB!