Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Space Suit Spock

This is the Playmates Toys 9" Spock in Space (or Environmental) Suit form that classic episode "The Tholian Web". If you are not familiar with the episode here's a link to a short synopsis from Basically Kirk gets trapped in "Interphase", between his space and another time and space, when investigating another starship that was left drifting. The Enterprise stays to help Kirk, but is in turn trapped in a web of energy generated by Tholian ships.

The Environmental Suits were worn by the Crew when they had beamed over to the other starship (the U.S.S. Defiant) in the beginning of the episode. These 9" figures were released as Target exclusives, this one was picked up at that time. The set would have included Chekov, Spock, and Kirk; but the times were tight and I decided to only get one, Kirk not being on the shelf it was between Spock and Chekov, so Spock it was.

At the time I didn't even think twice about setting this figure free, the space suit was just too damn cool to keep packaged, plus it reminded me of the silver firefighter suit from the old 12" GI Joe days. So this could be considered the first of the open 9" Spock's in the Spocklection.

Another cool thing about this episode was that we got to see a cool head shot of a Tholian, now I always thought tit would be cool to see a Mego style figure with the Tholian head, even a custom, but then Enterprise came along and tied into this episode and reveled the Tholians to have crystal like spider bodies...WTF, that just ruined it for me. I still like to believe they have these funky heads and humanoid bodies, like the good people at Mego would have done it! Maybe I'll make a custom figure, never tried it, but it would be worth some sculpty to see if I could pull it off.


Bubbashelby said...

Awesome space suit! There's nothing cooler than the creative designs of old school sci-fi!

rob! said...

Tholian Web is one of my all time favorite episodes. cool figure.