Monday, December 1, 2008

Firestorm DCUC Style!

Something old, something new or Now vs. Then, I haven't decided on a feature title yet. I'm leaning towards the latter.

Here's a shot of the new DCUC Firestorm. You've seen him by now numerous times all over the web. I just got mine so that is one reason I'm throwing him up on the blog.

The second is I wanted to show a side by side with Kenner's Super Powers Firestorm. While the DCUC has articulation coming out the Wazoo and the cool transparent fire feature, I think the paint is a little more sloppy and for some reason I'm digging the Super Power's design on the figure's chest more.

Plus take a look at how the design lines up on the back of each figure. Now I do not know enough about Firestorm to determine which is more character accurate, but my design side is liking the Super Powers solution way more than the DCUC version. Still I think it's sweet that Mattel is bringing these more articulated versions out and that wouldn't (and didn't) stop me from buying this guy or more of the DCUC.


rob! said...

c'mon, Mattel, where's the JLU version???

Bubbashelby said...

Sweet find and great side-by-side pictures!

Firestorm is top notch in both seres for sure.

The "new" DCUC Firestorm is supposedly hitting stores now too. I think the costume is the same but the guy in the suit is African-American, so the head sculpt is different.

My Firestorm knowledge is limited to the old cartoon, so I'm happy with this version.