Thursday, December 4, 2008

Star Trek Destroyer

Here's a blast from the past. A miniature of a Star Fleet Destroyer or Cruiser, take your pick. This was a piece from a miniature rpg from back in the seventies, early eights maybe. I never played the game, but my friends and I would hit the hobby store so we could have tiny models of our favorite Starships. Sort of early versions of the Micro Machines I put up yesterday.

The only drag was you had to paint these yourself, and being a kid with a fair knowledge of painting models, I still had problems trying to paint the name and numbers on my ships. this one was actually coated in white after a failed attempt to paint the numbers on the saucer section.

These ships are about the same scale as the micro machines, maybe a little smaller, but to give you an idea this guy is about two inches max in length.

I think besides having the chance of getting a small Enterprise back then this opened up my eyes to a a much larger and diverse range of ships both from the Federation and all the aliens of the show. I think this may have been the only time I had actually seen a Tholian ship as a model. Years later I would be reminded of these tiny ships when I picked up a Classic series book detailing the federation designs and this ship along with the cargo ship were both featured in the diagrams section.

Too bad we never really played the game, though we did make up or own using these ships, small rocks for torpedos, and the 12" tiles on floor of a friends parent's house as a measuring system for parsecs. Like we knew what a parsec was.

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