Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lil' Joes!

The first series of the GI Joe Combat Heroes are starting to hit big here in all the stores, and me being a sucker for little "cutie-fied" versions of anything picked up Li'l Snake Eyes and Li'l Zartan here.

Zartan rocks the transparent panels so you can pretend his armor lights up. Lightsaber sound not included. "Arggggh sunlight!"

Snake Eyes has his pal Timber holding his knife for him, sorta weird, but okay. I think it would have been cooler to have him growling or something. Snake Eyes was originally not my favorite character. Sure I thought he was cool back in the day, but it wasn't until recently that I started picking up all the different Snake Eyes out there. I think I need three more of the 25th style figures to bring me up to date!

As with all the various lines in this style that Hasbro produces, each figure has very limited articulation and is pretty much posed in the package as how it will pose out of it. The coolness would be that your favorite character will be all cute, out of proportion, and tiny. These would be cool if they came up with some generic green characters like those cheap dime store soldiers.

Yo Joe!

I think these guys need a separate count on the ole' blog:

Lil' GI Joe: 1
Lil' Cobra:1


Jay Amabile said...

Zartan is hands down my fav. GI Joe character...aside from Scarlett of course lol

Bubbashelby said...

Very cute!

Have you seen the Snake Eyes in snow gear from the GI Joe line? - basically just Snake-Eyes in a parka but pretty cool nonetheless.

chunky B said...

Yep, I have that one, he's a pretty cool figure!

Jay: Scarlett huh? Funny you should say that, I'm working on a cartoon sketch of that same character! Also stay tuned for some Scarlett action coming up!