Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Space the Tiny Frontier...

More smallness this week with Tiny Trek Ships! Actually these were from the Galoob Micro Machines Space line of the early nineties. Galoob known for it's tiny Micro Machine cars branched out by taking on Star Trek and Star Wars in this tiny scale. These were both a welcome sight in my home back then. This meant a fleet of ships could be displayed on top of computers, shelves, toothbrush holders, you get the picture. While I amassed a large set of Star Wars ships, we'll only be checking out the first set of Trek stuff today.

The first series, besides having a more generic packaging featured what could be considered Trek's big three as far as ships go. The U.S.S. Enterprise leading the pack here is a pretty close representation of the ship from the classic series. I was surprised when these hit stores that it was as detailed as it was for a mass produced miniature. I think I bought an extra set so I could hang one from my rearview mirror in the Chunky Mobile... I know super geek.

Another surprise was the detail on the bottom of the Romulan Bird of Prey, but I guess if you are going to do this ship you kinda have to go all out with the bird on the bottom or it would look kind of boring. I know I've mentioned this before, but the AMT model version of this ship was one of my nemesis back in the day. I had more problems with that damn bird decal...

Last but not least, the Klingon D-7 Battle Cruiser. Probably my second next to the Enterprise of favorite ships from the original series. If the Enterprise was hanging from the rearview, that meant that extra D-7 was converted to a key chain!

Not that I'm an army builder, but I thought at one time I would get a few of these and maybe make a fleet of D-7's for my Enterprise to take on. Then I could take all the Enterprises and re paint them to make the other ships in Star Fleet. Man I'm glad I didn't take this project on or I would probably be single right now.

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