Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spockcation Update 2

Spock has decided that multiple locations in the same state are now acceptable. This adds a second location in Georgia, and as you can see New Jersey has joined the list of Destinations. The multiple location rule will also open Texas up for another host family, as well as any other state already on the board!

Spock has also narrowed down a departure time being in the end of March, the first week or so of April. As we get closer we'll make an announcement.

So we still need volunteers to host Spock, we hit the four state prediction (not including Texas), but come on people let's get the word out there, Spock wants to do some travelin' this summer! Want to host contact me here, want to know more go here.

Here are our hosts so far:

Canada - host PlaidStallions
California - host Toyriffic
Georgia - hosts Branded in the 80's and My Star Trek Scrapbook
New Jersey - host Aquaman Shrine
Texas - Spock's home state, this Spock anyway!

You don't have to be a blogger to participate, and again we will accept multiple locations in the same state now!

As always, live long and prosper.


rob! said...

Once Spock arrives, he will make an appearance on the Shrine, which will hopefully get the idea some more attention!

LEon said...

This sound exciting. Im not from US tho... Any Asia tour? Any photo of him recently? :P

chunky B said...


I received your email and will try to answer all your questions. I have been thinking about after this North America tour having an International Spockcation when this one ends or in 2010, whichever comes first.

If it's a go, I'll put you down to host Spock.

Also no pics just yet, Spock is scheduled to leave around the first of April.

LEon said...

Sure Chunk. Keep me posted! I'm from Singapore by the way.