Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chekov the list

Today is Chekov's day! Rounding out my EMCE Mego reproduction bridge crew. Let's back up real quick, Uhura had a figure back in the Seventies, made by Mego, but Chekov is like Sulu and was never produced. I'm not sure why, seems pretty easy, take a Kirk figure, make a couple new heads, reduce the rank accordingly, Bam! You have Chekov and Sulu.

My only guess is that the toy line was either waning in popularity and they did not get produced, or some sort of rights were not negotiated for these characters, or Kirk did not want the yellow shirted competition. All speculation on my part.

Chekov, like Sulu has a really nice Mego like head sculpt and was equipped with the standard issue Phaser, Communicator, and Tricorder. Tip top work there Dr. Mego and EMCE.

The only thing missing is the accent, kids can provide that. " Vhere are your nuclear wessels?"

Side note: I'm doing a little research here, does anyone know why Chekov was not in Star Trek the Animated Series? I think I might know, just want to double check with all the Trek fans.


Liz said...

These figs look so nice. Kudos on the head sculpts; the likenesses are pretty good.

LEon said...

Hey he got shinny boots!