Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does whatever a spider can...

I knew keeping this guy in the package and buying one to open would come in handy one day. I don't tend to do this anymore, but I did at one time and I did keep a few of those packaged goodies around.

Well not too long ago a fellow blogger, Reis O'brien, at Geek Othodox sent a call out for help with his new gig as Action Figure Guru at He needed some photos of different Spider-Man action figures through the ages. I happened to have one he was looking for and so I volunteered some photos for his article. So today I read that he has it up and ready for the world to see. So go forth and check out his wares, he really needs some help as well getting hits on his site, he does have some good tips and some fun articles, I know I've bookmarked his page. Just remember to come back for more fuzzy toy memories, Spockcation and Basset goodness!

Hey I just realized I shot pictures of Spider-Man and had them published just like my man Peter Parker! Sweet!

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