Friday, May 15, 2009

Favorite Figure for the Month of May

I know we have a couple of weeks left for May, but I'm not going to find another favorite for May, one reason is I have exceeded my budget on toys this month so it's going to be slim pick'ns till June.

Here's the toy that's been hanging around next to my computer monitor, fighting the good fight on my desk and has climbed to the top of the heap.

DCUC Hawkman!

I like the DCUC figures well enough to pick up the characters that I have an interest in, I'm not trying to complete the whole set or even a team I'm just picking up the ones I like. I have a love hate relationship with Mattel, makers of the current mass market DC Universe. For one most of the figures I find have horrible paint apps and that's if I can find them. Distribution seems to be a problem in my neck of the woods. I would say that it would be toy scalpers, but I have seen plenty of other toys that should be flying off shelves from other lines so I'm going with distribution. Plus its pretty widely known that Mattel has had some factory or distributor troubles on other lines, JLU I'm looking at you.

I actually went against grain and ordered this guy online. I've been known to pick up toys online before, though I usually like hunting them down when I'm near a Target or other store. I took advantage of a little sale at Entertainment Earth, which I'll add are staring to carry singles of certain toy lines so you do not have to order a case of figures, I think this is a pretty smart move. The figures run a little bit higher and you have shipping, I usually wait till I find a few figures I want and try to balance out the shipping a little. All said and done the gas and time you would use hunting these down seems to amount to the shipping cost.

Why is this my Favorite Figure of the Month? Just look at this dude! The detail is great, the paint is in good shape, way better than I have seen on the past for this line, and not only does he come with a mace, but a sword and shield as well. Plus the wings can be posed, sweet! The figure sports all the articulation that you would expect from the DCUC figures and I really do not mind the mid torso articulation on this guy as much as the figures in the past.

Hawkman has always been one of those characters I never really followed as a kid, but I would buy the toy or comic on occasion because he just looks so damn fascinating, I think it's the cross between superhero and winged barbarian or something, I really dig the color combination of his costume.

So, what do I have planned for Hawkman? I think right now he will be teamed up with the Classic Aquaman on my shelves, sort of an Air/Sea duo until I can find the Flash and then I'll have the Air/Sea/Land Trio. Also I'm keeping an eye out for Hawk Girl from DCUC for a little Hawk team up! Get your mind out of the gutters, they do work together.


rob! said...

Carter has been working out, it seems. A lot.

LEon said...

You need to get a hawk gal soon!

Bubbashelby said...

I love this one too. Mine has the general leg joint problem that plagued these figures for a while. Otherwise he's an awesome sculpt and figure!