Monday, May 18, 2009

What is QUOGS?

I know what CBS is trying to do, "Make Star Trek hip and accessible to a wider audience," but what does it stand for? Anyone know? It's just been bugging me since the first preliminary designs came in with the style guides. I have also seen it in the same guide as referenced as "QUOGS" and "QUAGS". I'm guessing the later is a misspelling?

L.L.A.P, yo!

Oh well, this little vinyl, almost designer toy (since it's mass I don't know if it qualifies as a designer vinyl) is one in a landslide of new Spocks that have found their way into my Spock Collection aka Spocklection. Since the announcement of the new movie, getting ready for Spockcation, and the eventual release of the new movie I have been going a little Spock Crazy. I have increased my Spocklection by leaps and bounds in the past weeks. So, I thought while we wait for the next Spockcation update from New York. I might get everyone caught up on some Spocks from the current Toys R Us stock, it's really a cool time to be a fan of classic Trek by the way.

This week will be a Spocklection Update week kicking things off with the little five inch QUOG.

Like I was saying these things are a revamp of some of the classic characters, also a way for CBS to get around paying likeness royalties to the actors I would think. These cutie versions are just part of a long list of characters that have been rendered in the SD (Super Deformed) / Cute style. So far the offerings for Star Trek are Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk and an Orion Animal Woman. I have seen designs for the other bridge crew and some of the classic aliens as well, and if you have been to the Go Animate site you have more than likely seen some of these other characters too.

Quite the grip on that communicator.

I for one always dig these alternate versions of any character, I feel it does bring an element of fun into the mix possibly giving a younger fan a more accessible toy or a collector a new face for the shelf. This version of the QUOG is produced by Funko, known for their bobble heads. Funko also has released several of the Classic Trek Characters as bobble heads and they are introducing a new mini figure bobble head called NODNIKS "Urban Vinyl Bobble Heads". So far I have only seen the regular bobble heads and the NODNIKS advertised online, but it looks like Toys R US is set to carry Trek through out the summer, so here's hoping they pop up at retail soon.

A whopping three points of articulation!

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That is one mellow Spock.