Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spocklection Update - Diamond Select Toys / Art Asylum Classic Spock

This is a re-pacakge of the Art Asylum Classic Figures from a few years back. They have just been packaged in the newer Star Trek artwork and have been showing up with other Diamond Select Toys Star Trek merchandise at Toys R Us.

I really never did pick up any of the original Art Asylum releases, mainly because all I ever saw in stores was some of the Mirror Universe and Borg. I did later pick up the Avon set on ebay that included Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy, but it only included one accessory per figure. I always figured that I would find the classic series at a good price or that they might re-release them, then I could get some of the characters I missed out on.

Over all I like these figures, others don't care for the articulation or the rubberized shirt that hides the torso articulation. There are some little quirks with the legs, I will agree that it seems that the few that I do have suffer from the "one leg longer than the other syndrome," but I don't think it takes away from the figure that much. Also I actually dig the rubberized shirt component, I thought it was a pretty good solution to hiding the articulation, the only draw back is on some figures the color does not match the sleeves, the sleeves being cast in PVC.

What I really think is the stand out for these figures is the accessories. Spock here came with two extra hands, a phaser, communicator, and his trust Tricorder. The detail on the equipment is much better than past release of action figure equipment and the scale is pretty dead on. The spare hands allow for Spock to hold the various accessories or give the Vulcan salute. I will mention I picked up Kirk at a different outing and was not so impressed with his accessories, just the phaser and communicator. I would have liked to have seen maybe the classic phaser rifle, like the one a convention exclusive came with years ago, maybe some extra hands giving "Kirk gestures" or at least a Tribble.

Diamond Select Toys has continued to release Star Trek Next Generation figures in this 7 to 8 inch scale and have announced some new Classic Star Trek figures that might be worth the time looking for. A Salt Vampire from the episode The Man Trap and a two pack with Kirk in Romulan disguise with Spock and his raised eyebrow from the episode The Enterprise Incident (one of my favorites). In this set Kirk seems to be the cool figure, Spock in this case seems a little lame. I would have liked to have seen the Romulan Commander.

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LEon said...

Much of the things that stand out of star trek is the gadgets. So it make good sense to have lots of gadgets and accessories.