Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spocklection Update - Playmates Movie 6 inch Spock

Not my favorite of the Movie Spocks, but I do like the articulation for the most part and again the accessories. Unlike yesterdays Spock I'm not digging the rubberized shirt, funny how execution can differ. I think it's the texture on the shirt, the pattern should be a subtle repeat of the Enterprise (in the movie, Starfleet) Delta Shield, but it's looking like Spock's mother knitted him a sweater or something.

Lens Flare-iffic!

So far this is the only Movie 6" scale figure I have picked up. I'm not sure if it's because the others just don't look that much like the characters or if it's the scale. Its sort of an odd size nowadays, what with the resurgence of 3.75" figures.

Sorry, can't resist the Lens Flare.

If they come out with a nice Dr. Mc Coy in his blue Tunic I might get him or I guess I could kit bash the one that is out with Spock and get the same thing. I just do not want to work that hard for my toys. I know lazy, I guess I could make a Cadet Spock with the leftovers. I might need a Scotty especially if they decide to release his little Alien Buddy from the movie. Get with it Playmates, get off your keister and release a Keenser figure already!

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LEon said...

man he doesn't have a butt! too skinny i guess.