Friday, May 22, 2009

Spocklection Update - Playmates Movie 3.75 inch Spock

I like these figures! They're exciting. True they look a little funky, but next to the 12 inch Spock I am totally digging these 3.75 inch figures. The main reason is the scale, now Spock, Boba Fett, Indiana Jones, Snake Eyes, and Iron Man can cruise the galaxy fighting intergalactic crime! Did I forget anyone? If I did feel free to comment on your favorite 3.75 inch franchise.

UPDATE: How could I forget Batman, Geez thanks Bubbashelby!

I'm just going to throw this out as well, we received a bridge and transporter room play set with these Playmates Movie figures, but where's the Shuttle Crafts, Hover Bikes, Parachutes, Drill Platform play set, Bar Room Brawl play set, and all the other great locals. Were are the aliens, the Romulans by the hordes, and Keenser!

My Likes on this figure are scale, articulation, and accessories. He comes with a piece of the bridge and a chair how cool is that. The Vulcan Salute extra hand, a phaser, belt, and stand that you can wear.

My Dislikes, not many, the communicator is molded into the belt, bummer, and probably my number one which is the same of all movie Spocks, there is no Tricorder, I know he didn't really use one in the film, but come on, he's Spock it's almost like leaving his ears off the toy.

That's it, I will add this is one of the few times I pooled my mad money (i.e. birthday, Christmas, and a little freelance) and bought the whole first series of figures. All ten at one time, sort of. Mc Coy and Chekov were removed form my online order and I had to track them down at the store : )


Bubbashelby said...

Now THAT'S an action figure! ;)

And you failed to mention any DC characters in your 3.75" diatribe. I am ashamed to call you "Texas Me."


chunky B said...

Doh, I've corrected that little oversight.

Bubbashelby said...

Much better. :D

LEon said...

Can Spock sit well on that chair?