Monday, August 17, 2009

"He don't like you..."

He'll always be Walus Man to me, I know his real name is Ponda Boba, but he didn't go by that until 1989!

"Wally" would get so drunk that he would try to take his flippers off and run across the hot sands of Tatooine. Thank goodness he wore that orange leotard over his pants, making it too difficult to strip down all the way or we would be chasing a walrus looking dude all over the place trying to stop him from making a fool of himself.

We never could figure out why he wore those flipper boots, I mean he had normal feet, he kept telling us "They're hip, man" and "The chick's dig em".

His look never really caught on, he wasn't as dapper as Greedo, he eventually lost the web footed look and went with a really cool jacket, then someone went an lopped his arm off.

"Stay Cool!"


rob! said...

As a kid, I called him Butt Face, because...well, it looks like he has a baby's butt sticking out of his mouth.

I was a lonely kid.

LEon said...

Where is his pal who drinking with him?

Reis O'Brien said...

Ha! In my circle of friends, we called him "Butt Mouth"!

Great minds think alike, I guess. ;)

Brian Ashmore said...

Great post! I always thought this guy's torso looked like a carrot.

Mine has a BB Gun dent on his stomach.

Hey, it's better than losing an arm or something.