Friday, August 14, 2009

I love getting toys at work!

Since I have to thin down the collection, it was pointed out in a comment that I should consider maintaining a work collection. Believe me I have considered it, and as I go through stuff I pull aside things I want to take to work. Well, on Wednesday I was handed this beauty of vintage goodness at work, so this will be a great start to my work collection.

Here's a little bit about this piece. The Garfield Convention, which is sort of a group of people that have a gathering every year to hold a swap meet, was held in San Antonio this year. The people at PAWS, Garfield's real owner, always attend with samples and art from their archives. Sort of a way to keep the archive clean and get some cool pieces to their fans. I think its pretty cool of them to do this.

The company I work for is a licensor and we met the guys from PAWS for a tour of the facilities here, had some sizzling fajitas for lunch, and even turned over some of our samples of new product for one of their auctions. It was a good day at work that day. So while we were visiting their setup at the show, I picked up this Viewmaster box and commented how I really dug the artwork on the box, I was told it was a sample and the artwork was done especially for the box art, that they pulled it from Jim Davis' basement to include in the items they were selling. I joked we should buy it for the office, my office more specifically, and put it back on the table.

So a few months later we get this package with a note that thanked us for taking care of them in ole' SA and that they sent some items for our offices, the one with my name on it was the Viewmaster! How freaking sweet is that! Those guys at PAWS are a real class act, big thanks goes out to them for this!

Some of the stuff I really dig is that it's from 1978, like a time capsule, and the illustration of the dog on one of the side panels, plus it's Garfield drawn as he first appeared. It even still has the Viewmaster and the Garfield reels inside.


LEon said...

That is one piece of timeless work!

Bubbashelby said...

Wow! Nice set - how very awesome of them to give it to you!

Brian B said...


That is all I can say.

I work with these guys every now and then so I wonder if I need to say "Wow! You know I love View Master! at some random point in the conversation next time?


puppatoons said...

Oh, lord. I had my husband thin out some of the toys that were stacked and piled everywhere.Now they are stacked and piled everywhere at his work desk.:)

puppatoons said...

Garfield was SO funny back then.:)