Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Batmobile Week: Day Three, Batmobile Forever!

I'm going to say it, while the movie isn't one of the Best in the Batman Franchise, also not the worst Batman and Robin I'm looking at you, it did have some pretty cool vehicles.

Before I begin with this Batmobile a little trip down memory lane to one of the best Father's Days ever. I was the receipent of not only a little Hibachi, but all three of the Batman Forever model kits! Yep, the Batmobile, Batwing and Batboat. I still have my Batmobile and Batwing, I gave in on the Batboat, my son wanted to use it as a pool toy that summer. Good times.

Back to this Batmobile, this would be the Kenner Batmobile from Batman Forever. It's a one seater, but man is that a cushy looking seat.


Just like the movie it has the fin that can split, which is cool because when I built the model version I glued the fins open.


You know you have to have something shoot off the Batmobile, so this time the grill gets to double as a missile.

The fins on the back fenders pop up to reveal a couple of machine guns, I guess in case you get caught in a chemical factory and needed to shoot the door, because we all know Batman wouldn't shoot bad guys.

The sweetest feature, the light up blue engine. Okay by todays standards this is not a big deal but back in the nineties, too cool. A funny side note, it takes two C size batteries to light this bad boy up and there is even an access door so you can replace the light bulb in case it burns out.

So there you have the Batman Forever Batmobile, coming in over 12 inches long, another free wheeler.


Bubbashelby said...

I passed on so much from the non Keaton Batman movies (until Bale that is) and I regret not getting this action-figure sized Batmobile. Like you said, not the best but not the worst, and it does have some unique charm.

Okay, I don't regret it too much, but a little bit. ;)

Brian B said...

The thing I liked most about this Batmobile was that the Bat-logo stayed stationary when the Batmobile was moving.

I also loved the blue neon glow it had. So it is awesome that his one has it to.

Brian A said...

Two C batteries?!! That's a lot of power...bat power.

Better not let the-powers-that-be see this puppy in about six months or they'll charge you a whopping carbon tax for the C batteries. :)

I LOVE how the cockpit even lights up!