Thursday, February 18, 2010

DC Universe Infinite Heroes - Firestorm

Okay so this version of Firestorm is not on the list, but I ask you could you possibly pass up a Firestorm if you didn't know he was even coming out in the DCU Infinite Heroes line and you were walking through the toy aisle on the way to checkout and there he was? Well, then you must not be a Firestorm fan.

I was so excited when I saw this I may have squealed a little, just a little. The store I picked this up at had a Green Lantern and a Black Canary in the newer packages as well. Come to think of it since the list was taking a hit that day I should have just picked up the Green Lantern as well. Maybe he'll be there when I go back next payday.

Mattel has started adding some articulation to these DCUIH figures, not as much as some of Hasbro's Star Wars or GI Joe Figures, but they are getting there. The joints they added in the knees and elbows are somewhat limited, but I'm giving them an A for effort because they tried to hide them a little. They also included some articulation at the ankles for a more natural flight position if you are so inclined to play with your toys. Zoooom!

At first I wasn't so sold on this line, I knew there would be characters I would pick up because they are my favorites, but I do find myself maybe wanting to pick up some more that I normally wouldn't unless I was going all out and collecting them all. I'm not saying that I'm going to do that, just I think some characters may deserve a second look. I do have a small confession about Firestorm. The only reason I like this character is his crazy costume here, I have never even read one of his comics, I mean he has been in comics with other characters that I have read, but all I know is from the old Super Friends cartoons. Still I loves me some classic Firestorm toys.

So far this month I have purchased three things (Brian, I picked this up after we spoke last) not bad. Although only one was on the list, Firestorm and the one to be revealed were purchased in a moment of weakness. Sometimes you need an action figure fix, that's all I'm saying.


Bubbashelby said...

Another score from the magic grocery store, I presume?

chunky B said...

Nope, this was a Wally World find.