Thursday, February 18, 2010

Uhmm, Yes Please!

Holy Crap, to borrow an expression from Reis at Geek Orthodox, My Brain is Melting! Or is that My Head is Exploding! Or both!

A Freaking Shogun Warriors Stormtrooper! I'll let that sink in... A Freaking Shogun Warriors Stormtrooper!

First spied here at RebelScum and then the official site of Super 7.

Now to gets me 300 bucks so I can get this thing! A part of me was wishing it would be priced like the old Shogun Warriors back in the day.


LEon said...

Remember your new year resolution? Budget budget budget. :P

Brian Ashmore said...

This is pretty cool. Although, I kind of wish there was more "Shogun" in him. He mostly looks like a large Japanese "Super Deformed" style figure. He needs some angles and spikes or something so that it says "SHOGUN" as well as "Stormtrooper."

The feet, firing hand, and the way the shoulders articulate are definitely Shogun, though.

Doc Atomic said...

I remember seeing the original sculpt for this -- it's nice to finally see the final toy. I like it a lot, but can't justify the expense... Probably for the best, in the long run.