Monday, April 12, 2010

Marvelous Mondays! Planet Hulk Smash! Edition

The Part of Gladiator Hulk will be played my my Little Hulkie.

This Marvel Monday I thought I would feature a little current reading, Planet Hulk. This is how far I am on reading comics. Actually this trade paperback was a Birthday Gift from my son this past Birthday. See, I recently saw that the animated Planet Hulk movie was at the ole' Red Box for rental, for a buck plus tax how could you go wrong, so I picked it up one evening for a Hulk viewing.

If you have followed this blog for some time you may or may not know I'm not the Hulk's biggest fan. He is probably one of my least favorite of the Marvel big guns, but on occasion I enjoy a good Hulk story or a nice Hulk toy. I think I can identify with this character more than any other in the Marvel Universe, kinda funny.

My son had recently told me about the planet Hulk story line, I rented the movie (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and made a comment during the second viewing of the movie before it had to be returned that it might be fun to read the complete story and see where they changed stuff. For instance, and a minor spoiler, the part of the Silver Savage (Silver Surfer) is played by Beta Ray Bill. Still it's a fun little surprise and doesn't affect the story in my opinion. Though makes me wish I would have picked up that Silver Savage when I saw him on the pegs that one time.

Hulk get his read on!

Anyway, my son picked up on that comment and being a lover of all kinds of books picked me up the Trade Paper back. Way to go! I'm about half way through it, I'm more of a casual reader, but so far it's an awesome read. Makes me want to pick up the movie and watch some more and maybe hunt down a Gladiator Hulk and Silver Savage. So watch it or read it, this is one Hulk story that I think is tops.



jboypacman said...

I like that Hulk Toy you have there very cool.

Bubbashelby said...

It was a fun read - and the Silver Savage is of course one of the coolest Surfer figures to date (IMO.)

Still haven't seen the cartoon, I think I'll Netflix it soon.