Monday, April 5, 2010

Marvelous Mondays! Origins Edition 1!

So, I have been cleaning up my home office, trying to get it all sorted and organized and I came across some Marvel Trading Cards from 1992. I think these are from the Third Series of cards. I know I have a complete set of Series One, Possibly Series Two, but I had no idea I had any of these. Anyway, today I thought I would throw up the Big Guns, or at least the ones I think are the Big Guns of the Marvel Universe. I even scanned the backs larger so you could read them, so enjoy.

As a kid I loved this character, as an adult I still have a soft spot for this classic. I had a Mego Captain America and I used to throw his little sheild and try to knock over the bad guys, who were usually played by a GI Joe and my friends Mego Penguin figure.

Iron Man, you know the only thing I knew about Iron Man as a kid is that I wanted his Mego Action Figure soooooo bad, it just looked awesome, you know I don't ever remember seeing one in a store and my parents must have not seen him either because I had to buy my own years latter.

Spider-Man, I have an on again off again relationship with Spider-Man, as a kid I liked him, had the Mego Toy and read his comics. As an adult I like him for the most part, have his Mego Toy and every once in awhile I read his comics. Now, my nephew loves, or should I say LOVES, Spider-Man. When we go out to dinner with him and the family the first thing I get assigned to do is draw a Spider-Man on the back of the children's menu. I can't wait to see when he grows up if he still loves the character as much as he does now.

Well, thanks for tuning in for another Marvelous Monday! True Believers, see you next time!


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jboypacman said...

I remember these cards i used to own a set of these a long while but like most things they were toss to the side for other things.