Monday, July 20, 2009

Baroness Redo

Absolutely the best Baroness figure. Hands down, game over, this is how I like my Baroness.

Another figure from the Cobra Forces Box set, the Cobra Viper seen here, Storm Shadow with Squee here, this baroness was the main reason I picked up the set. The two other figures I mention above also helped.

This is Baroness in all her evil, sneaky, stab Cobra Commander in the back glory. I'm not sure but this version may be one of the first times she gets the heel sculpted out on her boots, not that I have a boot fetish, but I think this helps the figure overall look. Not a ton of accessories come with this figure, a stand, file card, and a sweet rifle, that's okay though, sweet and simple. I think they nailed the cartoon head on this figure as well.

I recently picked up my only movie figure to date, and it looks like they used the same body, I'll have to do some comparison shots. Speaking of comparison shots I'm thinking of doing some of the different Joes and their Box set counterparts, anyone up for that? Until then you can check out my earlier Baroness post here, and oh yeah... Cooooooobraaaaaaa!

G.I. JOE: 17

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Dan said...

darn thats nice. I just might have to pick up that pack. But what do I do with extras?! Oh, yes more pictures, your GI Joe photo talents are needed.