Friday, July 17, 2009

Cobra Viper Redo

Before all the new GI Joe Movie merchandise took over the shelves, Hasbro released a few multi figure packs. One of these packs was a repack of some Cobra forces. The pack came with this kick but version of Storm Shadow, a really nice version of Baroness (coming soon), a alternate version of Cobra Commander, a Zartan figure (which is cool because I never found a single card version of either release), and this awesome redo of the Cobra Viper.

So you are going, big whoop they repainted him or something. Sort of, he gets a sweet chromed face plate, his helmet has the molded on goggles, and he gets a few paint details. It really is a better version of the character. No more fiddling with the googles trying to get them to stay on, and did I mention the chrome. They should have released this figure first.

So far the only way you can get the new chrome faced Viper is to pick up the multi pack or one of the new Hall of Heroes Singles, but I think if you are going to get the multi pack you won't be disappointed in the other figures. Unless of course you don't want that 10th Storm Shadow, or uptenth Cobra Commander. Still for me the four out of the five that I bought this set for was well worth it. Now the Hall of Heroes I'm not sure about, unless you just want the one figure and don't mind spending 10 bucks and shipping for.


G.I. JOE: 17


shiny said...

Thanks for the add Charles.

LEon said...

This figure is worth every penny you spent.

chunky B said...

@shiny - not a problem I enjoy your coverage of the Clone Wars figures.

@LEon - I think so, like I said this should have been the first figure, but that's how they keep us buying stuff without putting effort into it, change a color or dip a head in chrome...

SamuraiFrog said...

That's a gorgeous figure. I love how shiny the face plate is.

Jason said...

That chrome face plate makes this figure that much more awesome. I'll have to track one down.