Thursday, July 16, 2009

DCUC - The Flash

Finally! I found a Flash figure from the DCUC. I actually found it a couple weeks back at a TRU, which is weird cause the TRU near our house doesn't seem to get newer figures in, unless its Star Wars then you are set. Though now that I said that I haven't seen an Ugnaught there yet, huh... where was I? Oh yeah the Flash!

Pretty standard stuff the Flash seems to share the same basic body as most of the male figures form the DCUC line, some little tweaks and a new head. Flash came with the stand to use with the "Build a Figure" or the "Collect and Connect" Figure, the parts to build an additional figure came with the other DCUC figures released in this series. I think the figure this time was Atom Smasher. I really do not go for the Collect and Connect figures, though I'm a leg away form completing a Gorilla Grodd, so the stand works good for Flash.

Flash has always been one of my favorites, I mean who wouldn't love to run fast and be able to finish your work in a blink of an eye? With Flash secured I can now complete my Land, Sea and Air set! The Flash, Aquaman, and Hawkman to the rescue! Batman was going to fill in for land duty, but he has his own gig going on.

I actually just found a single carded Flash from the DCUIH line, I didn't know he came singe packed, I always thought he was in a set or double pack. Of course I haven't really been collecting that line, just keeping an eye out for my favorites. I'll be snapping pictures of this one soon.

Here's a Flash I probably will not end up getting. Not that I wouldn't love to have him, just the price is a little much. Interesting though that TRU is getting in on the SDCC exclusive scene.

Oh and for my non toy geek readers here's a list of the abbreviations from this post:

DCUC - DC (Detective Comics, ex: DC Comics) Universe Classics
TRU - Toys R Us
DCUIH - DC Universe Infinite Heroes
SDCC - San Diego Comic Con (Convention)

Sometimes I forget and just assume everyone speaks geek.


LEon said...

Wow that's a nice flash. Just wondering. Is flash faster or superman faster when it come to running on land?

chunky B said...

My money is on the Flash, but I'm sure some would say Sups. Oh and Flash can also run on water...

rob! said...

Flash is the fastest being in the DCU, period.

Oh, and CH: I've said it before, but--man, do you take good pictures of your toys! My photos all look blurry and yellow-y. Yours are crisp and beautiful. This post made me want to buy the Flash figure!

chunky B said...

Thanks Rob! Of course it depends on which camera I use. I prefer the nice digital setup we have at work, but sometimes I have to shoot gorilla style with my cell phone. I did recently get a Nikon, but I'm still learning all the features.

Thanks again, it's nice to get a compliment, especially from a blog guru such as yourself.

P.S. I think your photos are great, I wouldn't change em'