Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cantina Time

I have really been thinking about Vintage Star Wars lately and going through my vintage toys as well. There is something about these first figures from the Star Wars Saga that really are special. It doesn't help with posts like the Empire Strikes Back Catalog at Yesterville Toy Room or this awesome collection of R2 Units and Original 12 at Doc Atomic's Attic of Astounding Artifacts. To date these two post are among my favorites of any blog on the whole world wide web. I do not know how many times I have revisited and re-read each.

Well, with that I thought I would wrap up my Cantina Buddies with my friend Snaggletooth here. I remember when these guts came out and was ecstatic to learn their names. Of course these are the names we knew them as, Hammerhead, Walrus Man, Snaggletooth and Greedo. I always felt as a kid that they didn't try with Greedo's name. I realize he is mentioned by name in the movie and the others are not. Plus in fact they really didn't try with the others, I just though he needed a different name back then to match his Cantina counterparts. Weird huh?

He may not be blue, but I dig em!

Another thing while I'm on the subject. Vintage weapons were awesome. Plain, simple awesome. Sure I like the ultra detailed stuff we have today, but back then you lost a blaster you could steal one from a Stormtrooper and whoa la! New blaster goodness! I still do this today, Snaggletooth's Blaster was swiped from my Death Squad Commander (you can tell I'm an old schooler, cause I still call him a Death Squad Commander), which was probably swiped from a trooper long ago. You know I need to find an inexpensive source for vintage weapons so I can arm all my old buddies.

So, I just want to thank the master of the toy room from Yesterville and Ol' Doc from that Attic of Awesome for keeping that Vintage Vibe alive and Snaggletooh would like to raise a blaster in your honor!

May the Force Be With You


jboypacman said...

Had my share of Star Wars figures as a kid and i think my favorites were the bounty hunters,Han Solo,Sandpeople and Darth Vader.

Doc Atomic said...

Hey, man, thanks for the kind words. And you're quite welcome! But I've gotta admit, my post was absolutely inspired by all the Star Wars posts that you and other action figure guys keep throwing onto the 'net! (Nice Snaggletooth, by the way!)

May the Force be with you, brother. Always.

chunky B said...

Duh, I just noticed that the blaster he should have is the rebel blaster, or the Han Solo style blaster...