Tuesday, December 4, 2007

10" The Flash Figure

Since I'll be away for a few days this week, I thought I would post an oldie but goodie! The Super Sized Justice League Flash.

The Flash here has always been one of my favorite DCU Super Heroes, right next to Bats, and this 10" version is no exception. I originally thought it would be a less expensive alternative to collecting the maquettes, by just picking up these larger figures, since they are really based on the maquettes, but I just picked up Bats and the Flash. Though I've seen Hawkgirl in this format and tossed around the idea of picking her up as well. It would be sort of cool to pick up the original team, hopefully they start re-releasing these again.

The articulation is pretty much the same as the smaller version of this character, head, waist, shoulders, and legs. There is a little movement at the elbow, but just a pivot, not a bending joint. When I see what Toy Biz had done with the articulation on their large format vinyl figure, it makes me wonder why Mattel didn't try to make these a little more articulated. Maybe it has something to do with ruining the lines of the character, who knows?

I remember getting the 10" Flash when it first came out, my wife and son had made a trip to the store and at my son's suggestion, my wife picked him up. I was later told that my son told her that he was sure the Flash was one that I would like, way to listen boy!