Friday, February 8, 2013

Clearance on Villains aisle 77!

You have probably seen these things hanging around the Star Wars section at Target. This is one of three, 3-Packs from the Target exclusive Star Wars product. They have been hitting the clearance aisle the past few weeks. Though the price is still sort of high 18 bucks for the set, which for three figures is pretty good, but when you only need one of the three sort of high that's all I mean.

I have passed on this set before the Holiday, during the Holiday, and while picking up some Laundry Detergent and only seeing one left of this set I went ahead and picked it. So, what did I get?

First up is the "Sand People"! I guess Sand Person or Tusken Raider, the package was going vintage and that's what i believe they had them listed as back in the day. Shown above with his Gaffi Stick, he also comes with the rifle shown above. I am more of an old school fan with the Gaffi Stick, but will take the rifle in a pinch I guess.

The Tusken Raider was not really the figure I was after in the set, but as one of my buddies reminded me, you can never have too many Tusken Raiders to harass Luke.

 Next up...

Boba Fett! I do not know how many Boba Fett Figures I have, especially of this one style. I think Hasbro has been using this body for several years now.

I like Boba Fett, but this figure is really a deal breaker for me. I understand that in the original "Villain Set" he was included, and that is why he is here, I am just saying I could have lived without another one.

This is the Empire Strikes Back deco of Boba Fett, so that is a bonus in my book. This means he is going to have the extra little blaster pistol and the more subdued color scheme. I guess if worst came to worse I could use him as a tooth brush holder, maybe put him on the dash of the car, I don't know.

This guy! This guy right here! This is the one I was after. See, my buddy and I have been picking up the recent Vintage Collection of all our favorite Original Trilogy characters, sort of an ultimate version of each, I have been through a couple Vaders, revisited the POTF2 collection for my 3PO, R2 is constantly being replaced, but to date the best we had of this guy was an older version that was limited in articulation.

This guy will always be Snaggletooth to me as well, I am a child of the 70's, more specifically part of the first wave of kids to ever lay their eyes on Star Wars, back then the cantina patrons were known as Snaggletooth, Hammerhead, Walrusman, and Greedo (who turns out is actually Greedo).

So, those names have stuck with me. I like that old Snaggletooth also comes with the Han Solo Blaster, just like back then. Also, no holster, just jams it in the small of his hunched back, in his belt, Tatooine Ganster style!