Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spock Stop 3: Orange Park, Florida

The pictures of Spock's second stop in Florida, Orange Park with host Paxton of Cavalcade of Awesome, have arrived!

Spock was shown the town, took in some time to catch up on his reading, faced off with Paxton in a drinking contest and even had a chance to take in his latest flick. I beleive this is Spock's first time seeing Star Trek on the big screen, so extra thanks goes out to paxton for taking him to the show!

Without further ado, onto the photos!

Spock makes another new animal friend, Presley the Cat.

First stop Winn Dixie HQ, Spock thought he was going shopping, but turns out it was time to work!

Spock didn't mind lending a hand.

Spock always seems to find the alcohol while on vacation, this is the aftermath, I think I'll let Paxton explain what happened here

The next day Spock talked Paxton into going to the local book reseller.

"Fascinating. Though the resemblance is somewhat off."

"Another of these MAD Magazines, detailing the adventures of the Enterprise, though the accuracy is somewhat lacking."

NO SPOCK, you'll ruin the ending, you haven't seen the movie yet!

Okay, much better. Paxton reports Spock took a seat in the cup holder next to him and was only mistaking for a Dr.Pepper once. Spock doesn't want to talk about the incident, so we are considering it classified.

Excited to see Jacksonville Memorial Stadium home of the Jacksonville Jags.

"Captain are you following me? Perhaps you should rest here in Florida, you look a little under the weather, I'll borrow the Galileo Shuttlecraft to get to my next stop."

Well thanks again to Paxton for playing host to Spock, we are really getting some great photos so far, I can't wait to see all the places Spock visits next. Until next time Live Long and Prosper.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lazy Weekend

It was a slow and extremely hot weekend. The temps here have averaged about 100 for two weeks now, no rain, everything is dry. So I just laid around on the back porch under the fan Saturday morning with my new Phantom figure from Cast Away Toys and Lu Lu the Basset.

This photo actually won us some Mego Museum cards from one of the members. See the Mego Museum trading cards are meant to be traded or given away and every once in a while a member will run a fun little contest on the forums. Well all they wanted to see was a Cast Away Toys toy posed and if you were the first three you won a few cards.

So since Lu Lu was on Squirrel watch the Phantom thought he would assist, I snapped the pic and should have some random Mego Museum cards coming my way. I'll post some more images of the Phantom later in the week, and maybe when the cards hit the mail box I'll post our winnings, ours because Lu Lu has a modeling fee.

Well, like I said Lazy Weekend...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spock Keeps a Rolling...

Spock has made it to his next stop in Florida at the front porch of Cavalcade of Awesome!

Spock's next host, Paxton, has posted a little welcome for him and has started to lay out his plans for weekend. I've noticed that everyone has tried to get Spock drunk so far. Vulcans are known not to drink so much, but Spock is half human so Paxton maybe in for a challenge.

So next week we should be getting more photos of Spock's journeys, tune back in here and as always Live Long and Prosper.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spock Stop 2: Lantana, Florida Continued

So I hope everyone came back to see a few more shots of Spock enjoying his time in Florida. I wish I could say I saved the best photos for last, but they all are so freaking great I don't know what to say. I should have known Spock was in for a good time when Anna sent me this picture she did when she first volunteered to host Spock.

I love this type of illustration! Very talented, Anna thanks again for all your hard work on Spockcation. I'm going to post Anna's Flicker link at the end of this post so make sure you go check out all the pictures of Spock at her Flickr page... Now onto Spockilau day two!

joining the locals in examining the "barrel of rum" drink #????

the dancers are totally mesmerizing... they seem to be calling to my earthly emotions....

i am unware of the time in which this photo was taken...

i was almost purchased as a souvenir while taking this photo

Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected. In this case, I should think "interesting" would suffice.

muppets....amazing.... they are so highly illogical

Emotions are alien to me. I'm a scientist. So logically i had to check out the sexy case at tates. all in the name of science of course...

Note to my Sister: I guess you can't keep Spock away from the ladies...

i was later told this green man resembling an orion goes by the name of the hulk.... really thought he was orion......

my host family ("spock pocket")

a photo of my host bidding farewell....

Note: Okay, go to Anna's Flickr page and check out the detail shot of the "Spock Pocket" it's awesome!

So, heres the link to Anna's Flicker Page with the Spockilau set, enjoy! Plus thanks again to Anna, Live Long and Prosper, eveyone make sure you check back here for more of Spock's travels!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Spock Stop 2: Lantana, Florida

When I received the message that photos were coming this weekend, I really couldn't wait to see Spock enjoying a few drinks at the Hukilau, little did I know he would take over and turn it into Spockilau! My first reaction was "Holy Freaking Cow!"

Seriously Spock's first Florida Host, Anna, really went above and beyond and showed Spock the sights and sounds of the Hukilau and shot so many creative pictures of his visit it was hard to choose what to show. I had originally asked for six pictures, but Anna has sixty-eight to choose from! I'm betting if she is like me she shot triple that and picked the best! So I decided that I would post a few today and a few tomorrow, and then give you all the link to her Flicker site so you could be amazed at all the fun Spock had... I'm still just blown away.

Anna, I have to add that when I told my Parents and Older Sister, who lived in Hawaii before I was around, about Spock attending the Hukilau I think they were more eager to see all the fun he was going to have. They, as well as the rest of the Eclectomainiacs out there, are going to have a blast looking at these photos!

So here we go, onto Spockilau!

The Spockilau 2009

making first contact with what i am to find out is a boston terrier by the name of Bowie

Me at the Mai Kai for The Hukilau

arrival at the hukilau.... aquiring a good view at the "tiki art show"

the king and I. (king kukulele announces my arrival at what he called the "spockilau")

making contact with the band the los straitjackets.... securing a good view for observation ("spock pocket")

rock out with your spock out! logically the best photo of my spockation to date! ("spock pocket")

Anna, if you are reading this I want a copy of this large enough to make wallpaper for my computer!

drink 1.... "the jet pilot"..... this is a strong one...

getting hula lessons

i closely resemble bruce lee in this photo.... we could be related in an alternate universe.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Spock is back on track!

Or should that be back on Trek, I know, I know.

Just a little teaser sent to me by Spock's latest host, Anna in Florida. Spock was rerouted there so he could participate in the Hukilau, and sweet Los Straitjackets will be there! Don't worry he'll be heading back to NY in a while, first it's TIKI PARTY TIME!

Stay tuned for more from his stops in Florida. Live Long and Prosper.

Oh and "Anonymous" if that is your name, he was traveling the whole time, he wasn't in an attic with Barbie dolls. Plus I still maintain they were taking advantage of him!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Licensing Show 2009 - Day 2

Welcome back for more images from Licensing Show 2009. I split these up over two days, but in actuality I shot most of these on day one. Of the three days I attended, day one was the only day photography was allowed. I'm not sure if it was because so many people were shooting images on day one that cameras were banned the next two days or if it was planned that way. Regardless I was asked to stop shooting on day two by a big guy with an ear piece, dressed in black. He was bigger than me so I decided not to push my luck.

So here's day two of my photos of Licensing Fair 2009.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Licensing Show 2009 - Day 1

Well, Spock is back on track and hopefully we should get some photos in the next week or so of him enjoying a little Tiki party in Florida. The blog fell silent for a week and a half, not because of Spock, but because I was out of town attending my first Licensing Show.

Licensing Show is a trade show where all the companies that produce movies, television shows, books, comics and other pop culture goodies get together with companies that want to license these properties to produce product. The first day of the show I had the opportunity to snap some pictures of all the cool booths and displays that were there. Nothing to spoil new properties coming out, but cool stuff none the less.

So for your viewing pleasure, Licensing Show 2009.

More tomorrow, tune back in...