Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sure he's missing his accessories and may have a crack on his arm, plus his paint may not be the best, but a buck for this guy at a comic shop isn't that bad. Before you say anything about budgets, this was a purchase made years ago and has resurfaced thanks to organizing the collection.

Chuckles is from the 1987 series of GI Joe Real American Hero. My original Chuckles never made it out alive of the massacre at the hands of my son and nephew, but that's cool cause I found this one. What's weird is I can remember a friend of mine picking up Chuckles and Cobra's Crystal Ball for me for a birthday present. We were all in college and working part time at a lumber yard, but he found out I was collecting these and swung by and grabbed a couple before work that day. It was a slow day at work and we ended up taking these two and having battles in the lumber yard.

"Now that's a knife!"

It was kind of funny that Chuckles was made, cause that's what this friend would call me at work, so he was just as jazzed to get this figure as I was. Probably even more so. I never lived down that nickname, and this is one of those toys that reminds me of my friends back in 1987. Tiny little time capsule.

"Yo Chuckles!"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Utini! Clone Wars Style

Star wars, nothing but Star Wars! I have been watching more of the Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Series on Cartoon Network and have to say I'm really liking where it is going. There are some characters I enjoy seeing pop up in story lines, but what I really dig is seeing the new animated style applied to some of the original trilogy background characters.

That's why when I saw this set of Clone Wars Jawas pop up in the toy aisle last year it was an easy purchase. This is really a nice set of Jawas, probably one of the best. Sure they are not too much on the articulation side, but they do have some in key places and they do come with weapons that they can holster. I really am digging the clean design of these animated characters more and more.

I cannot tell you off hand which episode these guys appeared in, I'm thinking they were some background characters and just thrown into the toy mix for the line, but tell me how cool would it be to see an animated line based on A New Hope? Holly crap, my mind is just full of images of animated Sand People, Stormtroopers and Cantina Aliens. Please, someone make this happen!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh Yeah! Gorillaz!

I love me some Gorillaz, and though I still need to pick up the D-Sides, I have pretty much kept up with all their studio albums and singles. So I was excited to learn that March 9, 2010 will be the release date for their third studio album. That's the date for the release in the states, it's earlier for our friends overseas.

Haven't heard of the Gorillaz? What is wrong with you? Go here for a quick lesson on the Gorillaz, the greatest animated band of all time!

This will definitely make my Birthday Wish List!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Marvelous Mondays!

Welcome to Marvelous Mondays! I'm sure this has probably been done before somewhere, but it's a first for me so there you go. Every Monday, unless the weekend was too busy, I will try and post something Marvel from my collection wether it be toy, comic, book, collectable, ad, etc.

What will you see? Well, glad you asked. As you can tell I have no real focus in my collecting habits. Some people only collect a certain character or pop culture property. I'm all over the place. When it comes to Marvel here's a list of characters I like in order of favorite to least favorite:

Number 1: Silver Surfer, Captain America, Iron Man, The Thing, Spider-Man, Hulk

Number 2: All the rest

Short list huh? Needless to say I never really completed one line of toys or story arc in comics, I just floated around the marvel Universe like the Watcher. I only hope I have enough Marvel stuff to keep this going for a while, cause I only plan on maybe adding two more pieces to my toy part of the collection. Well, I hope you enjoy!

Ole Shell Head

Today's Marvelous Monday entry is from the Hasbro Marvel Universe 3-3/4 line of toys. None other that the comic version of the modern armor Iron Man. You know I really cannot tell you if it's the comic version or some armor that they just made up because like Batman in the DC Universe, Iron Man has so many versions of his armor. I really dug the look of this armor so I picked it up. Sometimes I think I'm going to collect nothing but Iron Man toys and then I take a look at some of his armor and forget about it. I generally like the classic version of his armor, but again this looked sort of cool, and it was new and at 3-3/4 scale.

Marvelous Detail!

This was released early last year when Hasbro debuted the Marvel Universe line at this scale. Finally an Iron Man to help out the GI Joes in their fight against Cobra! My only complaint, and I may sound old here, is the price. When these first hit the were in the 8 to 9 dollar range. I remember when larger toys cost less or about the same, so I was sure not to collect them all. They are not too heavy on accessories either. Iron Man came with an energy blast (not pictured), basically a transparent piece you snap onto his arm so it looks like he's using his repulser ray and some little paper file card. As you can see both were tossed aside.

"Fight with repulser rays!"

What really amazes me is that the first Iron Man movie toys were larger and had some of the poorest quality control in my opinion than this guy. Well, at least every Iron Man movie toy I purchased seemed to have issues, this guy really had no problems. Funny how the same company can vary with different lines. I will say Hasbro is probably the king of 3-3/4 scale articulation, something Mattel has not caught up to, and that surprises me.

Hope you enjoyed my first installment of Marvelous Mondays, and hope you return for more of my wandering Marvel Toy Collection.


Friday, February 19, 2010

"What a Piece of Junk!"

All this talk of Toy Fair and lists and whatnot has got me in a Star Wars sort of mood. I'll admit I haven't been on a Star Wars kick in about three years, maybe more. Sure I always love to talk Star Wars but lately I find myself counting the days till that big AT-AT shows up in stores and I seem to spend a little longer in the Star Wars section of the toy aisle.

So you might be seeing a little more Star Wars focus in some posts here and there. What better way to start than with my Vintage Die Cast Millennium Falcon. Before I start I have to say I love this toy, probably one of my top ten Star Wars toys that I have owned. Plus it was lost for the longest time.

I don't know if you remember the story of how I got my Vintage Mego Spock back, I'll wait while you catch up. Back? Well, you guessed it, that second item to fall from that bag was none other than my long lost Falcon. I had thought about this toy for years, where did it go too, I had no clue. The last time I remember playing with it was in the back yard on a Summer's day and I had just lost a BB inside of it. Who knows why I was playing with this and a BB, but it got stuck inside through one of the landing gear bays. I remember being frustrated that I couldn't shake the thing out.

When this thing fell from the bag it still had the freaking BB in it! I did get it out later, seemed all too easy now.

It's a little more beat up and not as minty fresh, but I think that adds to the Falcon's story. I mean this thing has seen some adventures.

See how easy it would be to get a BB stuck in there?

Gear up!

1979 Goodness!

Looks like Chewie is driving to me, this always seemed odd to me when I was a kid, Chewie sits on the other side.

Man that is a thing of beauty, isn't it. I wonder how much lead I ingested from all the paint that is missing, ah who cares I still had fun with this thing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Uhmm, Yes Please!

Holy Crap, to borrow an expression from Reis at Geek Orthodox, My Brain is Melting! Or is that My Head is Exploding! Or both!

A Freaking Shogun Warriors Stormtrooper! I'll let that sink in... A Freaking Shogun Warriors Stormtrooper!

First spied here at RebelScum and then the official site of Super 7.

Now to gets me 300 bucks so I can get this thing! A part of me was wishing it would be priced like the old Shogun Warriors back in the day.

DC Universe Infinite Heroes - Firestorm

Okay so this version of Firestorm is not on the list, but I ask you could you possibly pass up a Firestorm if you didn't know he was even coming out in the DCU Infinite Heroes line and you were walking through the toy aisle on the way to checkout and there he was? Well, then you must not be a Firestorm fan.

I was so excited when I saw this I may have squealed a little, just a little. The store I picked this up at had a Green Lantern and a Black Canary in the newer packages as well. Come to think of it since the list was taking a hit that day I should have just picked up the Green Lantern as well. Maybe he'll be there when I go back next payday.

Mattel has started adding some articulation to these DCUIH figures, not as much as some of Hasbro's Star Wars or GI Joe Figures, but they are getting there. The joints they added in the knees and elbows are somewhat limited, but I'm giving them an A for effort because they tried to hide them a little. They also included some articulation at the ankles for a more natural flight position if you are so inclined to play with your toys. Zoooom!

At first I wasn't so sold on this line, I knew there would be characters I would pick up because they are my favorites, but I do find myself maybe wanting to pick up some more that I normally wouldn't unless I was going all out and collecting them all. I'm not saying that I'm going to do that, just I think some characters may deserve a second look. I do have a small confession about Firestorm. The only reason I like this character is his crazy costume here, I have never even read one of his comics, I mean he has been in comics with other characters that I have read, but all I know is from the old Super Friends cartoons. Still I loves me some classic Firestorm toys.

So far this month I have purchased three things (Brian, I picked this up after we spoke last) not bad. Although only one was on the list, Firestorm and the one to be revealed were purchased in a moment of weakness. Sometimes you need an action figure fix, that's all I'm saying.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Awards out the yang!

Holy Cow, people actually read this thing???

The past week I have received a few of these Lovely Blog Awards. First I was awarded one from Samurai Frog of Electronic Cerebrectomy, then my good pal Bubba Shelby of Toyriffic hit me with another one. A few days later and I receive a comment on my blog that I had been awarded another one from Erick of Wonderful Wonder Blog, but the love didn't stop there because recent Spockcation Host Robert from Retro Hound graced me with yet another Lovely Blog Award. Which leaves me to think I might be doing something someone likes, though I have my doubts.

So I have the Lovely Blog Award to the Fourth Power! I'm actually blushing a bit, to think I started this thing so I could kill some time with my toys. Thanks to all of the above blogs for believing in me!

Now, I'm supposed to award this to a few other blogs, the number doesn't seem set in stone so I'm going to do what Samurai Frog has done and award it seven times, but that's seven times for each time I received it to date! I'm also going to break it up a bit into four categories. If I don't mention your blog, please don't be offended, I love you all, that's why I follow or link to your blog.

My First category is daily reads. These are without a doubt the ones I go to daily rain or shine:

1) The Aquaman Shrine
2) Plaidstallions
3) Toyriffic
4) The Bat Blog
5) A Year of Toys
6) The Toy Museum
7) Geek Orthodox

Second category is toys. Blogs that talk about or show toys on some level or the other, the fun things in life:

8) Yesterville Toy Room
9) Under the Giant Penny
10) Nerd Squared
11) Weirdo Toys
12) Open the Toy
13) A Piece of the Action
14) Attic of Astounding Artifacts

Third is interests. All the pop culture stuff I find interesting. Oh, and more toys:

15) Nostalgia Factory
16) Ant Sized Man
17) Why Did I buy That Toy?
18) Branded in the 80s
19) Hey Kids, Comics!
20) I lIke Toys
21) The Undiscovered Playthings

Fourth, guilty pleasures. I just enjoy reading what these people have to say or show (some may not be child friendly, fair warning):

22) Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool
23) Occasional Superheroine
24) Secret Fun Blog
25) Puppatoons
26) The Sexy Armpit
27) 3-D Monster
28) Electronic Cerebrectomy

Holy cow that is a lot of blogs. Some are from the same people that awarded me, ha ha. A mutual appreciation society I guess. A lot are about toys, what can I say, I guess I shouldn't have broke them out into categories. If I win more I guess I can finish off my blog roll and followers as, like I said, I enjoy a variety of blogs. Go check some out, that's why I have a links section.

Thanks again, everyone, for doing what you do.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trying to stay on budget is not like dusting crops...

My Dusty Fett

Boy! Check all this cool stuff from Toy Fair 2010 out! My budget is shot! Just kidding, I may have some hope, but it will be tight. First up, why is my dusty Vintage Boba Fett headlining this post? Because he's just as excited to see my first must have of the year, Vintage Rocket Firing Boba Fett!

Hear me know and believe me later, this is going to be the year of Boba Fett! Not the whinny one that lost it in the Sarlac Pit in Jedi, but the mysterious, Bad Mother that was in Empire! I am so digging this figure because it is based on the vintage one, and that rocket gimmick isn't hurting it's chances for my love either.

the "New" Vintage Fett, about time!

Now, nobody swallow ANY toys or toy parts till we get this thing in our hands. Understood?

Next up of course is how we get this awesome figure, you have to buy Star Wars figures and send in those proof of purchases. So knowing I'm a sucker for some vintage looking packaging, Hasbro is going to resurrect the Vintage Original Trilogy line, except ditching the extra packaging, and hopefully the extra cost, and straight up releasing these new sculpts on vintage style card backs. Sweet! Like I need another Vader.

Big Freaking AT-AT toy!

Now, what would a Empire-tastic celebration be without that big freaking AT-AT. Yes, I am on board for this big piece of beautiful Rebel killing machine! Go here and check out the video. Nuff said, want, want, want.

Little Cute AT-AT toy!

I also found something for my Nephew this coming Christmas. How cool is this little bitty AT-AT? I might need one of these as well.

That should do me for Star Wars, now onto DC Superhero goodness. Mattel has relaunched the Mego style with the help of Dr. Mego himself and his pals of EMCE toys. These are actually on the list, so I'm good. I can't wait to get my hands on Batman and Aquaman, but check it out... two Face and Black Manta. Too sweet.

Also this little fishy is swimming in from the JLU line, not on the list, but it will be mine.

Now, the list is being bombarded from all sides. Star Wars and DC Superheroes, but where is the Trek? Well, EMCE and Diamond Select have some more Mego Goodness coming from the Classic Trek line. Captain Pike (Pre Wheelchair), Orion Slave Girl (still out if it's Vina or Martia), Nurse Chapel and the Salt Vampire. At freaking last! No pictures were available, but I can't wait to see these. Oh and then there is this.

That's right a Minimates scale Shuttlecraft, packed with a battle damaged Spock. Man I think that's one for the Spocklection there.

Lego has a ton of things coming out, too many for me to list right now, but a new Slave I is on the horizon with a new Boba Fett Mini fig and freaking Bossk! I will sell a body part for this set.

Last but not least I have an eye on this little piece of the Marvel Universe. That's right Galactus. I failed in my quest to pick up one when Toy Biz made him, and then released parts to make one with their Marvel Legends, now I intend to correct that mistake.

That's it for my Toy Fair wants, I'm sure I have forgotten stuff like the Venture Bros Figures or the Gremlin from the Twilight Zone, even the Flash Gordon Stuff, Oh and the countless individual figures I'm sure to want. Man it's going to be a tough year. More than likely I will not get everything here, but I will try to get some and review it here, until then you have to deal with the traveling Spock and stuff from my current collection!

Hasbro upcoming product photos shamelessly appropriated from the Star Wars Blog : )

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spock Stop 13: Pittsburg, KS

Hey Kids, we're back with some more Spockcation! This time Spock is visiting Kansas with his host Robert from that awesomely retro blog Retro Hound! I love his blog for two reasons, every time I stroll through his posts I am taken back, especially the records. He has a great collection of stuff. The second reason is everything is for sale, I wish I would have thought of this.

Well, Robert sent along some great picks of Spock exploring his work, home and winter wonderland. His son even chipped in on some wonderful art direction and helped set up shots. Keeping with the retro vibe I was getting from some of these pictures, I joined in and gave them all that rounded 60's photograph edge and played with "messing" up the colors to give them that vintage photo look. I hope Robert doesn't mind and I hope his son approves of the work I did, art directors can be hard to please sometimes.

Let's get this Spockcation started!

"I know I put a coin in this thing, where's my drink?"

"Fascinating collection here at the Axe Library at Pittsburg State University."

"This guy could pass as a Vulcan elder."

I hope Spock knows what he is standing on, because I do not have a clue.

"Ah, primitive star charts."

"Let's see planet Vulcan is here somewhere..."

"Shoot the tube!"
Side note, how the heck was this formed, I live in Texas and am not wise in the ways of snow.

"Maybe it's warmer near this plant life, I should have brought a jacket."

"Hey a new friend, say do you know where I can get one of those cloaks? Looks warm."

"Wait, where'd he go?"

"Little red guy? Oh little red guy? Huh? Puzzling."

"Oh great flower children. Greetings I am not Herbert."

"I find this group, SHADO, most fascinating."

"This looks like a groovy place to rest."

"Now that's a big flag."


"Oh Decker, you never stood a chance against Admiral Kirk."

"Finally a jacket! Though it looks like it may need to be taken in a bit."

"Well I read all I can here, I guess it's time to move on."

"A parting shot with my hosts."

I really had a great time checking out these photos. Thanks again to Robert and his son for playing host to Spock. How fun would it be to work in a Library? I mean, I wouldn't be able to get any work done, I would spend hours just reading, I'm afraid they would ask me to leave. Make sure you stop by the Retro Hound and check out Robert's great collection.

Spock is off to his next stop, well, actually next two stops. His next host is taking him to Nebraska and Iowa. So while we wait for those photos, Live long and prosper. See you next time here at Spockcation!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Gert Day to you!

Well look who turned one today! That's right the resident Bulldog, Gertie!

Happy Birthday Gertie!

Friday, February 5, 2010


It was announced last night and is now official! Big Freaking AT-AT, Baby!

Check this out!

Holy Mother of the Force!

I'm not the only one excited to see this coming.