Friday, November 27, 2009

Batmobile Week: Day Five, THE TUMBLER!!!

I saved the biggest and best for last, the Batman Begins Tyco Radio Controlled Tumbler!

Man this thing is huge, at about two feet in length making it the largest Batmobile in the collection. I have only ran it a couple of times, it freaks the dogs out so much that I can just set it in the middle of the floor and they will bark at it.

I picked this monster up on clearance right after the holidays back in 2005. Half price on a huge Batmobile was nothing to sneeze at.

I do wish it could open up and had some other play features, but I can live with it having the radio control and the light up feature. Don't get me wrong I love this monster, but if I won the lottery I would go out and by the Hot Toys Tumbler for a nice display piece, but for sheer running around the house, tearing things up and chasing bassets this is the Batmobile to have in your arsenal.

Besides the lights it does have sound, when it's running it makes the acceleration noises and when you slide it to a stop it makes the braking noises, plus in demo mode it will make a laser firing noise.

Here's a picture with yesterday's Batmobile to give you an idea of the size of this beast.

Well, that's it for Batmobile Week! I can honestly say that it was fun featuring the Batmobile. I have been wanting to do more with the Batmobile for quite some time. I can also say that I could have probably stretched this out to Batmobile Month if I wanted, so I might be doing some more Batmobile Weeks in the future if everyone enjoyed it. Till the next Batmobile Week, look out! I'm going to take this thing for a spin!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Batmobile Week: Day Four, A Classic Batmobile

First things first, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope you all had a good one and thanks for dropping by for a little Batmobile action after your meal.

I like this Batmobile for several reasons, one it's a cool looking 1960's Batmobile, two it's one of the Corgi Batmobiles of the early 2000's, three it reminds me of this little two seater I used to own.

I'm not going to even pretend I know everything about this Batmobile. For instance, what the heck is that thing that pops out of the hood? A boom box or a missile launcher.

If I were still a kid I would pretend it was all sorts of things, a sound device for surveillance, a laser cutter, a stereo system you name it.

This was one of the last few of the Corgi's I picked up, they were starting to get scarce around these parts and when you found them you picked them up. One of the coolest lines of Batmobile produced, there are several of the last releases I never saw in stores. This little guy is a a free wheeler measuring about 4 inches.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Batmobile Week: Day Three, Batmobile Forever!

I'm going to say it, while the movie isn't one of the Best in the Batman Franchise, also not the worst Batman and Robin I'm looking at you, it did have some pretty cool vehicles.

Before I begin with this Batmobile a little trip down memory lane to one of the best Father's Days ever. I was the receipent of not only a little Hibachi, but all three of the Batman Forever model kits! Yep, the Batmobile, Batwing and Batboat. I still have my Batmobile and Batwing, I gave in on the Batboat, my son wanted to use it as a pool toy that summer. Good times.

Back to this Batmobile, this would be the Kenner Batmobile from Batman Forever. It's a one seater, but man is that a cushy looking seat.


Just like the movie it has the fin that can split, which is cool because when I built the model version I glued the fins open.


You know you have to have something shoot off the Batmobile, so this time the grill gets to double as a missile.

The fins on the back fenders pop up to reveal a couple of machine guns, I guess in case you get caught in a chemical factory and needed to shoot the door, because we all know Batman wouldn't shoot bad guys.

The sweetest feature, the light up blue engine. Okay by todays standards this is not a big deal but back in the nineties, too cool. A funny side note, it takes two C size batteries to light this bad boy up and there is even an access door so you can replace the light bulb in case it burns out.

So there you have the Batman Forever Batmobile, coming in over 12 inches long, another free wheeler.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Batmobile Week: Day Two, Art Asylum C3 Batmobile

"Holy Do It Yourself, Batman!" Before Lego graced us with what would be the most awesome assortment of construction toy Bat Vehicles in history, Art Asylum launched the C3 line with an assortment of Bat items that were pretty amazing in itself.

Art Asylum had been pretty successful with their Marvel Minimates, but decided to launch the C3 line with their new DC Comics license, featuring characters from the Batman Comics, the Justice League and the Batman Cartoons. I really liked the C3 line and was sad to see it pass away, I think Art Asylum had a few things working against it with this line, but the things it had going for it were awesome for the time.

This Batmobile was a two seater, which always made me wonder why Batman and Robin came with the C3 single seat, mini Batmobile. his feature alone made it pretty cool, it is all too common that when you buy a Batmobile for your action figures, it's only going to seat one figure, there are a few rare occasions, but for the most part Robin is walking.

Under the smoke, clear hood of the Batmobile. All sorts of play scenarios here. Small engine though.

Turbines to full! This little feature was cool. Not only did it simulate flames from the exhaust, but could then swing and rotate over the canopy to become a missile launcher. The missiles shoot pretty good too.

"Ptew! Ptew!"

I liked that not only did they have the opening hood and cockpit, plus the missile launcher, but they incorporated the wheel weapons on all four wheels, so you could tear up the tires of the villains you were chasing.

You could also swing out the sideboards to knock some bad guys down. I think if a Batmobile is blazing towards you at full speed this last little trick would cause some pain.

This Batmobile is around 9 inches long and comes with a little Minimate Batman. Since I love Legos and Minimates, this was a win, win for me. Plus it's a fairly cool Batmobile on its own.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Batmobile Week: Day One, Mego Batmobile

I could have easily filled this week with the 1989 Batmobile or only Batmobiles that action figures would fit in, but where would the fun be in that, so I thought I would select five that represent different parts of the collection and different scales. Some may have memories attached to them, others were picked up because they were Batmobiles, all are among my favorites. I hope you all enjoy the selections, let Batmobile Week begin!

Up first is my Mego Batmobile. I wish I could say this was my childhood Batmobile, that honor falls to another which can be seen here and here. Nope, I didn't have this a s a kid. I had plenty of other toys, so picking this up on ebay was pretty much because my Mego Batman needed a ride.

It does bring back some good memories of my friends and I playing with our Megos, one friend in particular had Batman and Robin, plus the Batmobile and the Batcycle. He would let me use the Batcycle for my Spider-Man and Captain America, we didn't care if they were from separate comics, it was all good in the Superhero neighborhood.

This little vintage Batmobile is about 12 inches in length, maybe a hair longer and has some pretty cool details, I especially love the Bat Symbol on the wheels. I should look into some Bat Hub Caps for the Jeep! It can seat two 8 inch to 9 inch figures and is free wheeling, meaning no power here you have to push it.

Until I find a nice Mego Robin, nice meaning a decent price, this guy has been displayed with the Mego Joker taking Batman for a ride and my Hasbro Batman and Robin. When it came in the mail it was dusty and had a few scratches, but you could tell some kid thoroughly enjoyed this toy. I often wonder if he misses it, I know I would.

Batmobile Week!

My friend Chewbacca here and I concede that the Batmobile is truly an epic ride, though it seems that fans of our respective franchises were away from their computers during the voting period. Nonetheless we were given access to the Eclectorama Batmobile Collection and a Maintenance Bay in the Bat Cave so we could fill the week with Batmobile posts, so tune back in this afternoon for the first of Batmobile week.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alien Surfing

Since I am on the road till the end of the week, I thought you might enjoy surfing with another alien this Thursday. I should be back for a quick post Friday afternoon after some rest, I guess I should make an announcement of the winner of the popularity poll, huh?

"I wield the POWER COSMIC!"

Until then here's another great little Mighty Mugg from the House of Hasbro. I haven't been on board for all the different little Muggs Hasbro has produced, mainly picking up characters I like or are interesting looking, that all said I really dig this Silver Surfer.

"Come to me, my board."

He is a lot shinier that I originally thought. He's basically just silver paint, so I'm guessing it the shape that is helping to give him some glares. This little guy would have been way cooler in chrome!


I've been debating on ordering Galactus from the Hasbro online store, but then I have my eye on another Mugg from a galaxy far, far away. I think if I only get one more Mugg this year I might have to put old Galactus off until the next year, still the pink helmet (if removable) could be comedy gold.

"Ah crap, it's Mola Ram, let's get out of here...

Oh Jeez, better get going, tomorrow the winner of the poll announcement (like you can't look to the side bar and figure it out), Mola Ram will have to wait for another post, see ya!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spock Stop 9: Los Angeles, CA Continued

Welcome back to day two of Spock's Los Angeles adventure with his host Nostalgic Gangster. So when we last left Spock he was in the middle of accusing the staff of the Star Trek exhibit of taking his equipment, let's hope this doesn't turn into another Amok Time.

So, lets see what Spock has gotten himself into, shall we.

Spock finds his little friend.

Just like in the original series episode "Catspaw", Spock finds his ship encased in some sort of crystal case.

Attempting to find the people responsible for stealing his stuff Spock tries to make his way into restricted areas of The Exhibit.

"Fascinating. These look oddly similar, but yet strange...perhaps they were taken from an alternate universe."

Spock takes a break in order to plan his next move.

Spock was hoping for Seven of Nine...maybe next time.

Realizing he will never get his stuff back, Spock decides to take the Enterprise D for a test drive.

Spock has no regard for authority, specially when they steal from him.

That Romulan Ale sure did a number on Spock's bladder so he attempts to find the restrooms onboard this Galaxy Class Starship.

Spock finds his ride and prepares to board so he can head to the next stop of his journey.

That wasn't so bad, Spock has seen more Star Trek props than I have and he's sat in some pretty impressive chairs. Make sure you drop by and visit the Nostalgic Gangster at Trek Nostalgic for some more Trek goodness, then make sure to set your coordinates for your return voyage back here to Eclectorama for more Spockcation. Live Long and Prosper.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spock Stop 9: Los Angeles, CA

Okay, hopefully Spock is back on track and heading to his fourth and final stop in California. So, with that all sorted out, here's Spock's third stop along the West Coast and it's non other than the city of Los Angeles.

Spock's host was the Nostalgic Gangster of the blog Trek Nostalgic. He took so many pictures that I divided this stop into two days, hopefully sorting out the cream of the crop.

So I'll let the Nostalgic Gangster, take it from here, Spockcation is on again!

Spock grabs a drink before heading out to Hollywood Boulevard.

"Romulan ale should be illegal..."

Spock beams down to Hollywood...

Romulan Ale can't keep Spock down.

He can find his way around the galaxy but the streets of Hollywood can be a bit confusing, so Spock decides to check out a map hoping to find Star Trek: The Exhibit.

"I have been and always shall be, your friend."

Knowing Star Trek will get an academy award nomination this year Spock goes in search of tickets to the event.

Spock arrives at the exhibit in search of many artifacts from his past which were taken without his permission.

The Staff at the exhibit give Spock a warm welcome. The niceties end abruptly after Spock accuses them of stealing his robe from Star Trek 4, his Phaser from Star Trek 6, his Tricorder from the original 69 episodes, and his pet tribble Alfonso.

Spock takes the other guests to school during a friendly round of Trek trivia.
17 - Spock finds his little friend.

I hope Spock stays out of trouble. Tune back in tomorrow for more from Spock's Los Angeles stay, Live Long and Prosper.