Friday, July 31, 2009

Vader Invasion: Day 6

No. 31: 25th Anniversary Final Duel Darth Vader

These little Multi packs were released in 2002, and commemorate some of the climactic scenes of Star Wars (again A new Hope for you young ones). There were three sets released in the collection, Since this is a Vader Invasion here's the Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan set. I kept these boxed mainly because I thought the packaging was cool and out of the box the figures would just look like another Vader and Obi-Wan. They are both a little less articulated than other releases as well, plus I think these were meant to be seen as a whole in the package.

I do have the other sets and you can check them out here.

No. 32: Tops Star Wars Galaxy Card

I never was a big purchaser of cards, well after the Marvel Superheroes that is, but I did like to occasionally pick up a pack to see what the cards looked like. I lucked out in this case because I opened the pack to find this great looking portrait of Darth Vader from Joe Smith in the pack.

What is Vader thinking here?

The back has that cool scene where he struts through the Rebel Base on Hoth... Imperial Troops have entered the base, Imperial Troops have entered the base!

No.33: Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Collectors Tin Darth Vader

I wanted the Sand Trooper from this set, but noticed that the Vader and C3-PO were from the VOTC collection, plus I dug the double package like Kenner used to do back in the day, I think they were three packs then.

Anyway this thing came packaged in a larger box, they were being cleared out at some insane price, like $3.00, the outer box was beat to hell, but I really liked the way it displayed open like this. Cool thing about these is they included the little plastic peg hook hangers so you can adhere them to the back and hang the cards up on the wall if you wanted.

No.34: Darth Vader Light and Voice Christmas Ornament

Twice I was allowed to pick the theme of our tree. One time it was Space and the second was Pop culture, so Vader saw two years of Action. His little lightsaber lit up and he would breath, It's been awhile, but I think he may have said something too.

No.35: Darth Vader Collector Series Christmas Ornament

What can I say this one just had a better pose, even though he doesn't do anything but hang there. Maybe one year we can do a Black Vader Tree, now that would be sweet, if so I am ready.

No.36: Red Hologram Darth Vader Figurine

These little figures were packed in with the Basic Action Figures in 2006, the Saga Collection. They were random and cast in Blue or Red. You could flip over the package before you bought your figure and there was a little window on the back to show you what Exclusive Hologram Figure you would get. I remember seeing a post online somewhere, where someone made a chess set out of the two colors, cool idea though I only picked up a few. The coolest one I found was a Boba Fett with a Boba Fett Hologram Figure, you know I picked that one up.

Check them all out here, and then come back tomorrow for more Vader Invasion!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vader Invasion: Day 5

No.25: Electronic Power F/X Darth Vader

This is Fun Day on my contribution to Vader Invasion, this is where all the cool and cute stuff are going, hope you enjoy.

First up is the Electronic Power F/X Darth Vader. Another great toy from the Power of the Force line back in 1997. These little figures had light up lightsabers and when attached to their stands could have little light up lightsaber battles! This is the Vader half, there was an Obi Wan half as well and you could act out their epic duel from Star Wars (A New Hope to all you younger readers). The battle pretty much looked the same as the movie.

You could also cut out the back of the package for a cool back drop that fit into the stand. I never did this, but thought I would scan the image and make a sturdier backdrop someday.

No. 26: Playskool Darth Vader

In 2002, before they were Galactic Heroes, these tiny figures came in playsets by Playskool. Darth Vader came in the X-Wing Adventure set with Luke, R2-D2, and a cute version of the X-Wing. I'll have to post about these someday, because I went crazy looking for all these little sets.

Now you can find these in all the stores in two packs, single packs, larger playsets. You name it they are every where. They're like bugs! This is the first though from Playskool when times were simpler, before the Empire.

No. 27: Jedi Force Darth Vader

2004 brought some more Playskool goodness, though the line didn't last long. Jedi Force, to compete with Rescue Heroes. Darth Vader has one of the coolest chunky lightsabers around and a small version of the Imperial Probe Droid. Why not, who doesn't need a little Imperial Probe Droid. It can even clamp onto his arm like a parrot.

No.28: Force Battlers Darth Vader

Another one of my purchases from my only Midnight Madness trip. It must have been the lack of sleep, because as everyone else was fighting over the new figures from Revenge of the Sith I was checking out all the other cool toys. People actually laughed as I made my way to the cashier with this guy in my hand. To them I say they are nothing but speculators and scalpers, I collect because I enjoy!

Plus he had a cool Imperial Shield!

No.29: Mr. Potato Head Darth Tater

I can't help it I love Mr. Potato Head, I think it goes back when I would visit my friend's house and spend hours coming up with funny faces. Now every time I see a cool Mr. Potato head I pick it up.

I've gotten better I passed on a few lately, but get me near that Hasbro store at Disney World Florida and I start shoving Potato Head parts in those boxes like a mad man. I once opened the hatch on the Potato Head, stuffed it full and them, then filled the box... see they said the potato had to be in the box as well... I need help... next!

No.30: Mighty Muggs Darth Vader

A newbie to the toy scene, Mighty Muggs! I posted about these things before. I usually only pick up the occasional Mighty Muggs and more times than often it's a character I think looks cool, but isn't always my favorite. I know weird. Darth Vader was a win win since I like the character and he's pretty freaking sweet looking.

Well, another day down in this Vader Invasion, tune back in tomorrow for more Vader. Now, off to pop open this Darth Tater and gets to making funny faces...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vader Invasion: Day 4

No. 19: Electronic Darth Vader

Hasbro released this Vader in a more truer scale to the twelve inch figures, he stands about 15 to 16 inches and has a couple of buttons on his back to activate the sound f/x. The first button makes the lightsaber noises, the second activates the phrases. He cycles through a few of his classics and even the one from Jedi "Help me remove this mask so I can look on you with my own eyes." Oh and his mask comes off to see the original mask-less Vader Actor Sebastian Shaw.

This guy towers over the 12 inch Collectors Series, probably one of my favorite Vaders.

No. 20: Darth Vader St. Vincent Stamp

A friend of the family gave this to me, at the time I was thinking "okay, cool," but I held onto it and appreciate it, also has one of my favorite images of the Dark Lord, plus his TIE advanced fighter shooting at Luke.

Take that Skywalker! Wait what? That's my son!?

Here's the cool cover it comes in to keep it all nice and neat.

No. 21: Action Masters Darth Vader

I think this should count as two, but I won't be greedy. The Action Masters line came out before the re-release of the Star Wars action figures in 1994. So you had a choice bendy figures or little die cast miniatures. The toy itself is pretty neat and they also packed a card in the package of the character you were getting.

I missed out on some of the smaller die cast figures from the original line in the 70's and 80's. So I made sure I picked up a few of these.

No. 22: Darth Vader Action Figure from Escape the Death Star Game

1998, the board game was taken to the next level by mixing action figures and your classic board game. Okay I don't know if it was really taken to the next level, but the game named Escape the Death Star came with a Darth Vader with removable dome and a Luke in Stormtrooper disguise and wet hair. That was the big deal at the time, his hair looked slicked back and wet.

Truth be told I never played the game, just busted out the action figures!

No. 23: Darth Vader PEZ

What can I say, who wouldn't be excited to have a Darth Vader PEZ dispenser? I know I was psyched when these came out. I think I even picked a extra one up because I had plans to make a Mego sized Darth Vader and thought this would make a cool head. Well, the Mego sized Vader never happened, but I did eventually pick up some more Star Wars PEZ and one of my favorites the Death Star PEZ.

No. 24 Epic Force Darth Vader

This is basically a 7 inch or so sculpture of Dart Vader on a little turn table. I really dig the sculpt of this one, it actually looks pretty close to the movie costume. Kenner made these during the Power of the Force period (orange and green cards). If I'm not mistaken it was during the release of the green carded toys. Besides some of the good guys they made some villains, three to be exact. I picked them all up! Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, and Vader!

You don't know the power of the dark side! That's it for today, tune back in tomorrow for more Vader Invasion!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LEon Invasion

LEon has enjoyed my part in his Vader Invasion so much he made me up a site icon or logo just for the occasion! So if you take a look to the left (and above) you'll see his handy work on this awesome Vader Logo. He asked that I give him some tips on wrapping text, I'll be emailing these to you as soon as I can LEon and thanks again for the great logo.

Oh by the way for those of you that cannot read Aurabesh, the language of the Empire, the top says "Welcome to Eclectorama" and the bottom says "MAy the Force Be With You".

Back to Vader Invasion!

Vader Invasion: Day 3

No. 13: Hong Kong Edition 12 Inch Set

Since I ended with the 12 inch Collectors Series Darth Vader yesterday, I thought I would show a cool repack of the figure. In 1997 the UK handed over control of Hong Kong back to China. Kenner marked the occasion by releasing some of their toys packaged in Commemorative packaging. Among these sets were the 12 inch Hong Kong Edition, the 3.75 inch Empire Hong Kong Edition, the 3.75 inch Rebel Hong Kong Edition, and a Batman 100th Figure Hong Kong Edition.

Here we have the 12 inch set. It included Luke, Obi Wan, and Darth Vader. All repacks from the Collectors Series single releases. The front sported the Star Wars brand.

The Back has the Hong Kong skyline.

And inside are the figures. My open Darth Vader came along for the photo for a comparison.

Since we are on the Subject...

No. 14: Hong Kong Edition Empire Set

This time the Imperial Forces are represented with re-packs of the 3.75 inch singles. Vader, Boba Fett, and a Stormtrooper representing!

Same as above, a commemorative set to celebrate the turn over of Hong Kong to China. It took some finagling to get these sets back in 1997, now you can find them on Ebay occasionally. Still I think they are rather cool and would not give them up.

No. 15: 1995 Orange Carded Darth Vader

This guy came out a few times, with a long saber, a short saber, a short saber in a long tray... blah, blah, blah. You name it these early figures had all sorts of variations. Notice he's the same figure as the one in the Hong Kong pack? Here's the Long Saber version, open and packaged. There was a time when I would purchase several of one figure, so you might see some posts during Vader Invasion with both represented. Now not so much, one because it doesn't make sense and two because figures are getting expensive.

I know many despise these figures because of the bulked up look, but I think these are among my favorites. It was such a cool time to be a Star Wars collector back in 1995. I remember when these hit the shelves the Stormtrooper and Vader were among my first purchases.

No. 16: 1996 Green Carded Darth Vader

Same as the Orange Carded figure, except the package was green with a hologram sticker and he came with a short saber. Hey I had the Orange one, might as well get the green one!

In my defense I didn't get the Green Cards on all the re-packaged figures, just the ones I liked.

No. 17: 1996 Shadows of the Empire 2-Pack

Yep another re-pack, this time the figure has some slight differences, but it is still pretty much the same figure. This was from the multi media blitz that was Shadows of the Empire.

I have pretty much gotten rid of most of my Shadows merchandise, this one was saved because it had Vader in it.

No. 18: Darth Vader Coin Bank

I'm going to say this was from about 1996-1997. It was brought back from a Toy Fair that the company I was working for was attending. Someone knew someone else at the company that produced these and they persuaded them to let them take one back to the "Star Wars nut in the art department".

A much appreciated gift, and it holds me change! Well, that should do it for another installment of Vader Invasion, tune back in tomorrow for more Dark Lord of the Sith goodness.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vader Invasion: Day 2

If you remember from last Friday, LEon over at Open The Toy started a Vader Invasion. Basically you pull out your Vaders (Black cloaked, no Annies) and you throw them up on your blog. Well I have shot all my Vader, or close to all and have enough to take me through till Sunday! So if you want to see a bunch of Vaders, then you should be good till then, if not I hope you come back next week because as I was pulling Vaders from storage I ran across some of my other buddies and I would like to show them to ya.

Anyway I hope you stay for the whole Vader Invasion so let's get this week going!

First up is a little jewel from 1977...

No. 6: Texas Instruments Digital Watch

Another of my first Star Wars items, doesn't fit, and I'm picking up some batteries to see if it still works, but it looks good and has Vader on it!

No. 7: 1978 Kenner Darth Vader Action Figure
No. 8: 1994 Kenner/Hasbro Darth Vader Action Figure

Here is my original Darth Vader, or one of them anyway. I'm guessing this was a second one I bought back in the day because my first one was destroyed. His cape is tore and his Lightsaber has seen better days, but I'm really surprised he held up this well considering all the adventures I put him through.

Joining him is the re-molded 1994 version of the classic action figure. You're thinking didn't they have those beefed up versions in 1994? Yes they did, and they would not fit in the re-released vehicles, so Kenner went back and re-cast off a vintage action figure. Vader came packed him with a Luke, Han, and Chewy so parents could give their children a figure that would fit in their X-Wing.

The new guy is a little bit shorter than the original, weird huh?

No. 9: Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader Carrying Case

From around 1980, a classic, I bet every home had one of these and you were in trouble if you got yours confused with your buddies. Especially if they had less figures than you.

Let's open it up!

Well, looky there, some battle damaged heros! If you will notice a nice vintage replacement Bossk with head attached. I had to replace my original one after my Son and Nephew tortured him. I'm getting off track this is Vader's day.

No. 10: Just Toys Bend Em's Darth Vader

I have a couple of these, one has ridden on the rear view mirror of my past three cars. This one was an extra one that I kept all fresh, and I have a packaged version as well.

There was a clearance sale back in 1992 or 93 and since there were no figures out yet, I picked up some for my Son and Nephew and a couple for me. I think I paid 2 bucks a set for them.

I like how the Vader is posed in the package, like he's presenting the rest of the figures.

No. 11: Galloob Darth Vader Micro Machines Playset

About 1995 or 96 these sweet little playsets started showing up. This one is of course Darth Vader and when you open him up you get a cool fold out playset of Bespin, Cloud City. Where Darth Vader battled Luke, and spilled the beans that he was his father, plus frozen Han Solo was whisked away by Boba Fett and C3-P0 was dismantled by some Stormtrooper fire.

Oh no! Vader pushed Luke out of the window!

No. 12: 12 inch Collectors Edition Darth Vader

Jumping ahead a little to around 1996 we have the 12 inch Collectors Edition Darth Vader. One of the first 12 inch figures produced since the original from the Vintage line. Based on Hasbro's GI Joe Body these first larger format figures lacked accurate dimensions for the helmets. They came off a little cheesy, but that's why I love this Vader so much, besides it's always the first attempt that gives the artist ground for what is to come later.

So that's it for today's Vader Invasion post. Tune back in tomorrow for more from my Vader Collection.