Thursday, May 28, 2009


Our lead story, Eclectorama Celebrity, Vacationing Spock is Missing.
Spock in route to New York City has come up missing. Spock's New York host was quoted as saying "He must have come while I was at work, please return Spock".

Authorities believe Spock is heading back to his last stop, Ontario Canada. Brian of Plaid Stallions, seen here in a file photo, has stated that he will not rest until Spock is tracked down. The Royal Canadian Mounties are standing by to assist in the search.

At home, those closest to Spock are keeping a silent vigil in hopes that he returns to his trip shortly. A representative from Eclectorama added "Rest assured, fans of Spockcation, that Spock will be returned to his initial itinerary as soon as possible. We have high hopes that this is just a minor set back and Spock is safe."

More news will be made available as it comes in.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Comic Pack Beachhead

Beachhead is hands down my favorite Joe. Not because of the comic or cartoon, I just dig this dude's getup. I like Beachhead so much that not only did I pick up the comic pack that this one came in, but the regular single carded figure, the 12 inch figure, the Hall of Heroes single pack, and a recast of the original figure... Plus I still have my original from the 80's!

This version of Beachhead is probably the closest to the original, more so than the single pack. I think the only thing missing is the back pack, that was fixed in the Hall of Heroes single pack. He came with a comic (that was actually a pretty fun read) and Dataframe, who used to be called Mainframe, plus all the weapons, gear, and file cards.

Dataframe came with the biggest freaking laptop you have ever seen, I don't think you could call it a laptop. He needs to get an iPhone or something, seriously. Oh and the funniest thing was he had little card board floppy discs, do kids even know what these are anymore? You can check out more here, I was more excited to get another Beachhead I didn't bother shooting Dataframe.

I had planned to have Squee help me shoot pictures of Beachhead here, but she was busy doing Basset things, she promised to return to help improve my photography, and maybe even do a photo shoot with Beachhead and a few others.

Anyway, Yo Joe!

G.I. JOE: 17

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some-Thing else!

I probably will not spend much time hunting down all the Marvel Universe Figures from Hasbro, mainly because of price. I will try to find some of the characters that I dig, sort of like I did for Marvel Legends.

To date I have Spidey, Captain America, Iron Man (Modern, Stealth, and Classic), Silver Surfer and now the ever loving, blue-eyed Thing!

How could I pass on the Thing, we share so many traits: I'm orange, big, and have a way of pissing people off, and I get angry a lot. Okay maybe that last one was more Hulk than Thing... Oh I might have to get a Hulk to fight my Thing, I'll make sure to make a note of that.

That reminds me! I often wonder about other collectors, do you feel the need to complete the Fantastic Four when you buy any one member of the team? I used to have to get all four, then I started just buying the Thing, but I have a feeling if I ever picked up a second member from this line, I would all of a sudden feel the urge to complete the team again.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some New Classic Iron!

Classic Iron Man, now in 3.75 inch scale!

I have been waiting forever for some Classic Iron Man, well seems that way. This guy is awesome! What's not awesome is the price these are going for, I remember when the larger Marvel Legends were going for around eight bucks, and I thought that was high, I long for those days now.

So here's the specifics: Classic Iron Man from Hasbro's Marvel Universe Collection

Sold: Everywhere, generally awesome, price not so awesome

In scale (pretty much) with: GI Joe (look out Cobra), Star Wars (look out Empire), Indiana Jones (look out Crystal Skull Guys), Star Trek (look out Romulans) and DC Universe (look out Joker, there's another rich dude gunning for ya)!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spocklection Update - Playmates ST:TMP Spock

I realized that while preparing for the release of the new movie I had a few gaps in my Spocklection, so I found myself trolling ebay for a Star Trek the Motion Picture (ST:TMP) Spock . I never picked one up in the stores back in the 90's, and while I've been picking up select Art Asylum / Diamond Select Toys figures, the older Playmates stuff still has a certain charm that I dig.

As luck would have it I found one on the cheap, which now that the new movie hit the Spock selection has tripled in listings, so I snipped him, well I was actually the only person bidding on him so I don't think it counts.

I'll always have a soft spot for ST:TMP, while it wasn't all that it could be, and for some one of the worst Star Trek pictures, 1970's me was happy to see this movie on the big screen and while staying up late working on projects in college ST:TMP was in permanent rotation on my VHS. So while it wasn't the "Star Wars" of the 70's it still is a great movie in it's own right, any movie that can bring the crew of the Big E back together is number one in my book!

So, that is it for this week's update to the Spocklection, hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully I can find a few more Spocks before the years out to add and feature. I'll leave you with a group salute, not the entire collection, but a few of my others are included for scale, plus that fellow in the back, the Mego one is my original Spock from when I was a little Trekkie. More on him later, Live Long and Prosper.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Spocklection Update - Playmates Movie 3.75 inch Spock

I like these figures! They're exciting. True they look a little funky, but next to the 12 inch Spock I am totally digging these 3.75 inch figures. The main reason is the scale, now Spock, Boba Fett, Indiana Jones, Snake Eyes, and Iron Man can cruise the galaxy fighting intergalactic crime! Did I forget anyone? If I did feel free to comment on your favorite 3.75 inch franchise.

UPDATE: How could I forget Batman, Geez thanks Bubbashelby!

I'm just going to throw this out as well, we received a bridge and transporter room play set with these Playmates Movie figures, but where's the Shuttle Crafts, Hover Bikes, Parachutes, Drill Platform play set, Bar Room Brawl play set, and all the other great locals. Were are the aliens, the Romulans by the hordes, and Keenser!

My Likes on this figure are scale, articulation, and accessories. He comes with a piece of the bridge and a chair how cool is that. The Vulcan Salute extra hand, a phaser, belt, and stand that you can wear.

My Dislikes, not many, the communicator is molded into the belt, bummer, and probably my number one which is the same of all movie Spocks, there is no Tricorder, I know he didn't really use one in the film, but come on, he's Spock it's almost like leaving his ears off the toy.

That's it, I will add this is one of the few times I pooled my mad money (i.e. birthday, Christmas, and a little freelance) and bought the whole first series of figures. All ten at one time, sort of. Mc Coy and Chekov were removed form my online order and I had to track them down at the store : )

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spocklection Update - Playmates Movie 6 inch Spock

Not my favorite of the Movie Spocks, but I do like the articulation for the most part and again the accessories. Unlike yesterdays Spock I'm not digging the rubberized shirt, funny how execution can differ. I think it's the texture on the shirt, the pattern should be a subtle repeat of the Enterprise (in the movie, Starfleet) Delta Shield, but it's looking like Spock's mother knitted him a sweater or something.

Lens Flare-iffic!

So far this is the only Movie 6" scale figure I have picked up. I'm not sure if it's because the others just don't look that much like the characters or if it's the scale. Its sort of an odd size nowadays, what with the resurgence of 3.75" figures.

Sorry, can't resist the Lens Flare.

If they come out with a nice Dr. Mc Coy in his blue Tunic I might get him or I guess I could kit bash the one that is out with Spock and get the same thing. I just do not want to work that hard for my toys. I know lazy, I guess I could make a Cadet Spock with the leftovers. I might need a Scotty especially if they decide to release his little Alien Buddy from the movie. Get with it Playmates, get off your keister and release a Keenser figure already!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spocklection Update - Diamond Select Toys / Art Asylum Classic Spock

This is a re-pacakge of the Art Asylum Classic Figures from a few years back. They have just been packaged in the newer Star Trek artwork and have been showing up with other Diamond Select Toys Star Trek merchandise at Toys R Us.

I really never did pick up any of the original Art Asylum releases, mainly because all I ever saw in stores was some of the Mirror Universe and Borg. I did later pick up the Avon set on ebay that included Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy, but it only included one accessory per figure. I always figured that I would find the classic series at a good price or that they might re-release them, then I could get some of the characters I missed out on.

Over all I like these figures, others don't care for the articulation or the rubberized shirt that hides the torso articulation. There are some little quirks with the legs, I will agree that it seems that the few that I do have suffer from the "one leg longer than the other syndrome," but I don't think it takes away from the figure that much. Also I actually dig the rubberized shirt component, I thought it was a pretty good solution to hiding the articulation, the only draw back is on some figures the color does not match the sleeves, the sleeves being cast in PVC.

What I really think is the stand out for these figures is the accessories. Spock here came with two extra hands, a phaser, communicator, and his trust Tricorder. The detail on the equipment is much better than past release of action figure equipment and the scale is pretty dead on. The spare hands allow for Spock to hold the various accessories or give the Vulcan salute. I will mention I picked up Kirk at a different outing and was not so impressed with his accessories, just the phaser and communicator. I would have liked to have seen maybe the classic phaser rifle, like the one a convention exclusive came with years ago, maybe some extra hands giving "Kirk gestures" or at least a Tribble.

Diamond Select Toys has continued to release Star Trek Next Generation figures in this 7 to 8 inch scale and have announced some new Classic Star Trek figures that might be worth the time looking for. A Salt Vampire from the episode The Man Trap and a two pack with Kirk in Romulan disguise with Spock and his raised eyebrow from the episode The Enterprise Incident (one of my favorites). In this set Kirk seems to be the cool figure, Spock in this case seems a little lame. I would have liked to have seen the Romulan Commander.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spocklection Update - Playmates Movie 12 inch Spock

Next up in the Spocklection Update is the 12 inch figure from Playmates Toys. The first of the Movie merchandise, well figure wise anyway, that I picked up.

Overall a pretty good figure, the base figure seems well done and the articulation is about the same as a 12 inch Gi Joe, maybe some differences, but not much. The head sculpts on these figures seem a little narrow to me, not so much on Spock, more on Kirk, something I think they could have done a little better on, but for mass market it's okay.

Spock comes with an extra hand that is in the Vulcan Salute so you can swap it out with his Phaser holding hand for a more diplomatic mission. He also comes with a figure stand, though he stands pretty good on his own and a utility belt with a phaser and communicator. The belts on these figures, and in the movie, remind me of the of the old Remco Star Trek Utility beltRemco Star Trek Utility belt more than anything from the original series. They had belts in the original series, they tried to disguise them a bit more. By the way if anyone is interested I would be more than willing to take any of items as a gift from the top ten list in the link.

I think another feature I would have liked to have seen on these 12 inch figures is maybe a communicator with the flip open feature and the phaser with the stun to vaporize switching nozzle. I don't think it would be too hard to accomplish this, maybe it was the cost or time. The boots seem to be attached to the figure, at least I haven't been brave enough to pull to hard and see if they come off. The tunic looks to be removable is you were to say want to place it on GI Joe Adventure Team figure so your Trek crew member could rock a fuzzy head and beard. Pants he might need to get his own, the Spock pants look to be attached somehow near the top of the boots.

This is my tallest Spock to date, if I had known Playmates made a fairly decent 12 inch figure I might have picked up the classic version of Spock from the 90's. All in all this is a pretty fun figure, made me want to go back and get a few more, just waiting for Sulu to arrive and maybe I'll pick up a Kirk as well.

Monday, May 18, 2009

What is QUOGS?

I know what CBS is trying to do, "Make Star Trek hip and accessible to a wider audience," but what does it stand for? Anyone know? It's just been bugging me since the first preliminary designs came in with the style guides. I have also seen it in the same guide as referenced as "QUOGS" and "QUAGS". I'm guessing the later is a misspelling?

L.L.A.P, yo!

Oh well, this little vinyl, almost designer toy (since it's mass I don't know if it qualifies as a designer vinyl) is one in a landslide of new Spocks that have found their way into my Spock Collection aka Spocklection. Since the announcement of the new movie, getting ready for Spockcation, and the eventual release of the new movie I have been going a little Spock Crazy. I have increased my Spocklection by leaps and bounds in the past weeks. So, I thought while we wait for the next Spockcation update from New York. I might get everyone caught up on some Spocks from the current Toys R Us stock, it's really a cool time to be a fan of classic Trek by the way.

This week will be a Spocklection Update week kicking things off with the little five inch QUOG.

Like I was saying these things are a revamp of some of the classic characters, also a way for CBS to get around paying likeness royalties to the actors I would think. These cutie versions are just part of a long list of characters that have been rendered in the SD (Super Deformed) / Cute style. So far the offerings for Star Trek are Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk and an Orion Animal Woman. I have seen designs for the other bridge crew and some of the classic aliens as well, and if you have been to the Go Animate site you have more than likely seen some of these other characters too.

Quite the grip on that communicator.

I for one always dig these alternate versions of any character, I feel it does bring an element of fun into the mix possibly giving a younger fan a more accessible toy or a collector a new face for the shelf. This version of the QUOG is produced by Funko, known for their bobble heads. Funko also has released several of the Classic Trek Characters as bobble heads and they are introducing a new mini figure bobble head called NODNIKS "Urban Vinyl Bobble Heads". So far I have only seen the regular bobble heads and the NODNIKS advertised online, but it looks like Toys R US is set to carry Trek through out the summer, so here's hoping they pop up at retail soon.

A whopping three points of articulation!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Favorite Figure for the Month of May

I know we have a couple of weeks left for May, but I'm not going to find another favorite for May, one reason is I have exceeded my budget on toys this month so it's going to be slim pick'ns till June.

Here's the toy that's been hanging around next to my computer monitor, fighting the good fight on my desk and has climbed to the top of the heap.

DCUC Hawkman!

I like the DCUC figures well enough to pick up the characters that I have an interest in, I'm not trying to complete the whole set or even a team I'm just picking up the ones I like. I have a love hate relationship with Mattel, makers of the current mass market DC Universe. For one most of the figures I find have horrible paint apps and that's if I can find them. Distribution seems to be a problem in my neck of the woods. I would say that it would be toy scalpers, but I have seen plenty of other toys that should be flying off shelves from other lines so I'm going with distribution. Plus its pretty widely known that Mattel has had some factory or distributor troubles on other lines, JLU I'm looking at you.

I actually went against grain and ordered this guy online. I've been known to pick up toys online before, though I usually like hunting them down when I'm near a Target or other store. I took advantage of a little sale at Entertainment Earth, which I'll add are staring to carry singles of certain toy lines so you do not have to order a case of figures, I think this is a pretty smart move. The figures run a little bit higher and you have shipping, I usually wait till I find a few figures I want and try to balance out the shipping a little. All said and done the gas and time you would use hunting these down seems to amount to the shipping cost.

Why is this my Favorite Figure of the Month? Just look at this dude! The detail is great, the paint is in good shape, way better than I have seen on the past for this line, and not only does he come with a mace, but a sword and shield as well. Plus the wings can be posed, sweet! The figure sports all the articulation that you would expect from the DCUC figures and I really do not mind the mid torso articulation on this guy as much as the figures in the past.

Hawkman has always been one of those characters I never really followed as a kid, but I would buy the toy or comic on occasion because he just looks so damn fascinating, I think it's the cross between superhero and winged barbarian or something, I really dig the color combination of his costume.

So, what do I have planned for Hawkman? I think right now he will be teamed up with the Classic Aquaman on my shelves, sort of an Air/Sea duo until I can find the Flash and then I'll have the Air/Sea/Land Trio. Also I'm keeping an eye out for Hawk Girl from DCUC for a little Hawk team up! Get your mind out of the gutters, they do work together.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does whatever a spider can...

I knew keeping this guy in the package and buying one to open would come in handy one day. I don't tend to do this anymore, but I did at one time and I did keep a few of those packaged goodies around.

Well not too long ago a fellow blogger, Reis O'brien, at Geek Othodox sent a call out for help with his new gig as Action Figure Guru at He needed some photos of different Spider-Man action figures through the ages. I happened to have one he was looking for and so I volunteered some photos for his article. So today I read that he has it up and ready for the world to see. So go forth and check out his wares, he really needs some help as well getting hits on his site, he does have some good tips and some fun articles, I know I've bookmarked his page. Just remember to come back for more fuzzy toy memories, Spockcation and Basset goodness!

Hey I just realized I shot pictures of Spider-Man and had them published just like my man Peter Parker! Sweet!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spock Stop 1: Ontario, Canada

Spock's first stopover was with Brian at Brain reports Spock had a great time in Canada and didn't even need to wear a tuque.

Spock was welcomed his first night by some Canadian celebrities. They threw him a little party, this picture is when things were winding down, Kirk is hitting on Sarah Chalke back in the corner and I'm told on good authority that it's the law that a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police must attend any and every party.

To make this fun how about a little contest for this post? Name the other five actors and their characters in the scene (we already gave you William Shatner - Captain Kirk and Sarah Chalke - Dr. Elliot Reid) besides the Mounty of course and I'll draw up a little Spockcation Original Artist Post Card for the first correct answer in the comments.

The next morning Spock was treated to a trip to Lake Ontario, Toronto is off in the background. Brian said it was sort of hard to see that day.

Spock attended the local Free Comic Book Day and got into a spot of trouble with a Stormtrooper, seems Spock tried to explain the logic behind target practice with the trooper and almost became a target himself.

The next day Spock was off exploring as Brian was doing some patio furniture shopping, seems Canada has a dinosaur population that is not widely known about.

The store has a few dinos hanging around to drum up business, or to scare away window shoppers. Spock finds himself in the jaws of a ferocious dino with Canadian pride!

Brian said that he searched for hours in the dino poo for Spock, turns out Spock called for an emergency transport before making his way down the dino's gullet and was off looking around before meeting back up with Brian. Sorry Brian, thanks for looking for him though.

Spock pauses at the Toronto Airport for his Landmark Picture before "Taking off, eh" to his next destination, New York! Pete from over at the Mego Museum Forums will be Spock's host for this stop, so head's up Pete! Spock's on his way!

Thanks again to Brian at for hosting Spock in the Great White North, be sure to check out his blog for that groovy 70's vibe. It's a really sweet spot on the web full of 70's fashion mockery and toys from that wonderful time of bell bottoms and wide collars.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Trek Strikes Back!

I think it's funny people want to know my opinion of the current Star Trek Movie. I loved it, every minute of it! I went in the theater just wanting to be entertained. I would be lying if I wasn't a bit concerned about the new direction, but that was all laid to rest as every scene unfolded. For the record, no I did not dress up as a character to attend the show, just jeans and a plain t-shirt, though I would have loved to have received a prize pack like my buddy at Trek Nostalgia. Yes, I did go and see it at a 11:00 PM showing on Thursday night, then again the next morning. I was shooting for three showings over the weekend, but I thought I would hold off till later this week for my third showing. My first impression when I left the first showing... Whoa.

So, I couldn't believe the movie was only 2 hours long, it felt like I was only given 30 minutes of an episode, the pace was fantastic, I never felt like I was waiting for this movie to end or that there was a lull in the story. The introduction of the characters were all enjoyable, and even though I might have been a little skeptical about the whole time line aspect of the story, I left the theater satisfied with the way the story was handled. I even excited to see how they take this new crew in future installments. Will we see different takes on past villains? New worlds? I really can't wait till we see this crew in action again.

The big E was beautiful on the big screen, and seeing it in some of those amazing action sequences was breath taking. My hats off to the special effects crew behind bringing the Enterprise to life. I really enjoyed the way the ship was portrayed in space, not having a fixed up or down orientation, plus the scenes of the silence of space were beautiful. The soundtrack was also very enjoyable, even though there was a Beastie Boys song mixed in (nice touch by the way), I always think the best soundtrack is one that doesn't rely on too much modern pop, but is built with sweeping original scores.

Do I think the franchise has been re-energized as some would say? Yes, I think this new take on Star Trek might launch a few more movies and maybe spark an interest in another TV show. If not an interest in the shows and movies that came before hand.

My only down note about the whole new Star Trek experience was when I left the first showing I thought how Playmates Toys missed the boat by not bringing out more of the "aliens" from the movie in its initial offerings of toys. I would have loved to have picked up a little Star Fleet Officer Alien (the one that hanged with Scotty) or some of the other Aliens from the film. Here's hoping they release some more of the 3.25" line and fill out the Star Trek Universe with some of these characters.

My final though, while I love Star Trek the Motion Picture from back in 1979 and wouldn't change it for the world, I really think this was the movie 11 year old me was waiting for back then. I really was taken back to why I like Star Trek, the team effort, the adventure, and the chemistry of the crew. So if you haven't seen it, I would go, and no you do not have to like Star Trek to enjoy this movie, but if you do you'll like it as well.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise

I came home today and waiting for me was none other than the U.S.S. Enterprise Playset, a gift from my wife for my Birthday a month ago, it finally arrived.

I didn't have this set when I was young, not saying I was deprived, just it wasn't in the stars back then. I remember a friend having one of these and we would all meet in his driveway and spin that transporter as fast as we could. When I opened the box today the smell of fresh vinyl hit me and I actually remembered that smell from those days in the summer sun on the driveway.

There are some differences, the addition of a Diamond Select Logo, the crew's furniture is molded in different colors, but the Transporter still sends those figures around, like a record baby!

Here some scans of the vintage instructions and swappable View Screens

Of course I had to break out all my EMCE figures, first the crew...

Then all the Aliens for a makeshift Star Trek Convention...

Man, what a great week, getting this before the release of the Star Trek Movie makes it that much better. I will be taking Friday off, I have plans to see Star Trek in the morning and possible again in the afternoon or on Saturday (I haven't decided). Next week we should be getting some Spockcation photos in from Canada, I've seen a few, but I'm waiting for some more so I will have that to post, plus I'm thinking of starting a feature called "My Favorite Toy, This Month". If not I have a couple Figures that are currently my favorites and will be showing up. So everyone have a great weekend, remember to come back and as always Live Long and Prosper.