Friday, October 30, 2009

Hammer Time!

"My music hits me so hard, makes me say oh my lord, thank you for giving me a mind to rhyme and two log feet!"

I think this is the last of my Vintage Cantina dwellers, and it's my favorite of the bunch! Hammerhead, or as everyone calls him nowadays, Momaw Nadon. You know, I realize that at some point George Lucas thought, we need to name these characters, or someone did, anyway it seems they put more effort into the original Star Wars characters that the newer ones. Momaw Nadon just sounds cool, Elan Sleazebaggano (from Episode II) just sounds like you couldn't think of anything. Really, this poor guy's name is Sleazebaggano, no kidding, and he is like a sleaze bag, surprising enough, that hangs out in a bar. I would much rather hang out with my man Momaw in a bar.

(ed. I forgot I still have my Snaggletooth, coming soon to a blog near you!)

Okay, back to the toy. No one new the cantina patrons names, except poor Greedo, back in the day so they received names like Snaggletooth, Walrusman, and Hammerhead. Which was cool by me, and to tell you the truth I still refer to him as Hammerhead. What I think is cool is that the vintage figure is pretty close to the build of how he is portrayed in the modern line. Of course he's not wearing screen accurate garb, but no one cared back then, it was just cool to have this freaky looking guy!

"Later player!"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vintage Joe: Beachhead

First off, this really cheeses me off. I mean this guy was released in 1986 and is older than my son, has survived numerous battles, many moves and collection purges with all his accessories in tack and then the day I go to get him to shoot his picture... SNAP! just like that he has a broken ammo purse! *$@^!$%@!!!

So, now that I got that out of the way. My all time favorite GI Joe, drumroll please, Beachhead!

I find a few things really fascinating when I'm strolling along the information highway in search of toys and stories about toys. One, people's collections, as they exist in the wild, not one piece at a time, but the whole thing, dusty shelves and all. Two, the different ways people photograph their toys and collections, especially the outside shots. Three, Peoples favorite heroes, GI Joes or other characters and the reason they are their favorite.

I likes me some Beachhead for the simple reason the word "Beach" is in his code name. I used to love the beach and the water and everthing surfer. So I thought this guy is the most awesome GI Joe around. Eventually, I dug that he had a cool mask and camos, had a bag of explosives and ammo, and was just a kick ass sort of GI Joe. But, originally it was his name. Weird huh?

So, you can see here Beachhead has stood up pretty well to being such a well loved little Joe, besides the obvious man purse problem. I'm hoping to find a replacement some where out there, until then I will have to be extra careful with him. I was planing on having him and Squee patrol the backyard for Cobra though.

"Gun, check... Back Pack, check... Ah man who broke my hand bag! Come on guys I told you it's an ammo pouch, cause I kick so much butt I need extra ammo!"

"Yo Joe!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stormtrooper of the Week 2009 - Lil' Trooper

Finally another Stormtrooper to add to the old Stormtrooper collection!

Some new Galactic Heroes have been showing up in the past few Months and as soosn as I saw the set with the Stormtrooper and the Rebel Fleet Trooper I grabbed it. Now I only picked up one, but couldn't you see the opening scenes in Star Wars (That's Star Wars: A New Hope, Episode IV, for my younger readers) acted out with a whole mess of these, can you say sweeeeet!

If you remember from Stormtrooper of the Week from long, long ago. I posted a set of Rebels in disguise that were based on the previous release of the Stormtrooper. This guy is different in the way that he now can point his blaster at you! Ptew! Ptew!

I left out the Rebel in the set, maybe in a future post I'll put him up... I'm just not in a Rebel yell sort of mood. "Freeze Rebel Scum!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mc Spider-Man

I just felt like posting some more Spider-Man today, the blog could always use a little more Spider-Man.

Sometimes the best figures are the simplest. In my opinion this is one awesome figure, like Batman before him, he was a McDonald's Happy Meal Toy from back in the days of Spider-Man the Animated Series. And like before, because of this toy line I have to visit the doctor every year for my pills! I realize now I did not have to eat the food, but come on I was there at lunch time and I was younger then , might as well have gotten my grub on.

Even though the figure is somewhat out of proportion, I think it does rather well in capturing the look of the Animated Series version of Spider-Man from the Nineties. The shape of his head is really close to the style guide artwork. My family right now is going "Big deal, Spider-Man is Spider-Man", Ah but not so, and I know my pop culture brothers and sister will notice the little differences.

These are probably kicking around in garage sales, flea markets and thift stores all over the place. I would recommend this figure for any Spider-Man fan as a must have, especially if you can get him for a quarter and can avoid the unwanted pounds caused by junk food.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Quick Heads Up!

Toys R Us, online and in stores, has the standard version of the 1966 Batmobile on sale until the 31st of October! I know I'm probably a bad Bat Fan, waiting this long to pick one up, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on the original $ 39.99 price tag. I'm thinking there might be a few other Batfans out there that might find this info useful as well.

Second, our buddy at Open the Toy, LEon, has a Photohunt posted featuring our traveling Spock and a photo snapped by Sarah Pierce. It's a challenge and some fun so drop by and give it a try. Tell him Spock sent ya!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Spock Stop 8: Davis, CA

Spock's second stop in California is with another toy blogger, Mario. Mario took Spock on a tour of his town and by the looks of things they both had a pretty good time.

With this I give you Spockcation California Stop 2! Take it away Mario!

Spock arrives! Let's get Spockcation started!

Farmers Market, Spock takes a moment to appreciate the live music. He asked if they knew "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" but that song was not in the band's repertoire.

At the Farmers Market, there was a rock climbing wall. Spock thought it would be a good workout, so he immediately set to work climbing to the top.

Climbing a rock wall is hard work, Spock needed to take the occasional break.

Some of the more memorable pieces of public art on the UC Davis campus are the Egghead statues. Spock poses on one while another looks on.

We visited the Farmers Market, and Spock chowed down on some tasty kettle corn.

Spock visited the Death Star, a prominent building on the UC Davis campus. As we began to climb to the top, he stopped to admire some whimsical chalk art.

Spock sure likes to climb! Here we are near the top of the Death Star.

Spock stands triumphant on the top level of the Death Star, with a nice view behind him.

After climbing all the way up the Death Star, Spock needed a short break. Fortunately, there was a chair waiting.

Spock meets some unsavory characters.

Good thing he was carrying the Matrix of Leadership!

Spock enjoying the company of his friend the tiny Optimus Prime.

On our way downtown, we passed a spot where the sidewalk ends. Spock thought it was fascinating, and wanted to take a moment to ponder.

Wow, Mario really showed Spock a great time. Took him for a climb, got his snack on and made some new friends. I ended with Spock's view of the sidwalk that ends because we are still waiting to hear from Spock, last time we did he was waiting in Los Angeles for his next host to return from a trip. I hope he turns up soon.

Thanks again Mario for the tour of Davis California. Mario has a great toy blog and if you haven't you should check it out, it's called A Year of Toys. I thought I bought a lot of toys, I really like his format where he has been documenting all his toys he buys throughout the year.

Well, until we hear from Spock I'll be trying to post some more of my other features. If I do not hear from him in a few more weeks I have a plan, so do not worry Spockcation will continue. Remeber, Live Long and Prosper.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Get a load of these Jokers

If there's one thing better than finding new Batman at retail, it's finding new Jokers. To fully understand how much of a bat geek I am, lately if I buy a batman from a line, for example DC Infinite Heroes or Batman the Brave and the Bold, I try to always find a complimentary Joker, sort of the Yang to Batman's Ying. I can't say I have always done this, but lets take a quick look back...

1989 Batman Movie: Batman, check - Joker, check
1989 Batman Movie Die Cast: Batman, check - Joker, check
Mattel's Batman Line: Batman, check - Joker, check
Batman The Animated Series: Batman, check - Joker, check
Megos World's Greatest Heros: Batman, check - Joker, check
The Batman Animated Series: Batman, check - Joker, check
Hasbro's 9 Inch DC Super Heroes: Batman, check - Joker, check
Art Asylum's Mini Mates: Batman, check - Joker, check
Justice League Unlimited: Batman, check - Joker, check
Corgi Die Cast Cars: Batman, check - Joker, check
Batman Brave and the Bold: Batman, check - Joker, check
The Dark Knight: Batman, check - Joker, check

I don't have them all represented, but I have a pretty good sampling. Now for the incomplete list

DC Infinite Heroes: Batman, still looking - Joker, check
Kenner Super Powers: Batman, check - Joker, still looking
DC Universe Collection: Batman, check - Joker, still looking
Batman Brave and the Bold Action Heroes: Batman, check, check, check, check - Joker, waiting for release

It's safe to say these last ones will be found, once I set my mind to it, they usually turn up. So you see my Batman vs. Joker Rule is rather new, probably the last four years, the only real rule is a Show Accurate or Classic Batman vs. Show Accurate or Classic Joker, meaning no Scuba Batman and Neon Cyber Jokers when it comes to the Batman vs. Joker Rule. Though I do have my share of off model costumes for both.

Just a little insight into my Bat Geekiness. Now onto the latest Jokers. First up is the DC Infinate Heroes version, based on the classic comic design. This to date is my second DCIH figure I own. Actually He was purchased first. I will note I came close to buying a Batman from the latest three pack, but the price was crazy high and the paint on the Batman was less to be desired so I'm still Batman-less on this line. Won't be long.

The only accessory this figure came with his Joker's cane, which on closer inspection doesn't have the standard issue Joker's Head. Which is okay, because it is rather small. I have seen pictures online of this figure in a black suit as well, but I was more than thrilled to find the purple one. At this point the black suit would just be a bonus.

Second, is the Batman Brave and the Bold Joker. I was looking forward to this Joker, just because of his likeness to a Dick Sprang Joker. It's a nice reference they made in this latest animated version of Batman anyway.

I like these toys and have said that they remind me of the old Mego Micronaughts in the way that the accessories can be stored or connected to the limbs. I've read most collectors dislike this feature, but my feeling is get over it, it's a toy first and foremost, if you are looking for a "realistic" Batman go buy a statue or one from DC Direct.

Lastly I leave you with a little group pose. I've seen on other blogs people are staring to show of their collections a little more. I really dig this, so maybe I might have some Joker or Batman groupings to show off myself, until then enjoy this couple of Jokers.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spock Stop 7: Santa Cruz, CA

Fellow toy blogger, pop project contributor and friend of eclectorama, Bubbashelby aka Eric Stettmeier was Spock's first host in the great state of California. Eric sends us these photos of Spock's stay. Side note Eric, I cannot reimburse you for the "damage" Spock did to your doll collection, hosting Spock is at your own risk.

So onto another installment of Spockcation, California edition!

Time travel is fascinating.
(ed. Spock visited a Museum with some awesome pics of Santa Cruz throughout the years.)

Spock likes trees

Spock performs the rarely utilized Vulcan tree meld

Spock finds peace in a Redwood fairy ring

Just chillaxin' in the forest

Spock, enjoying the serenity of the forest

I'll just dip my toes

Spock double fists it at the Santa Cruz Derby Girls match.

Spock makes some new friends...all of them dolls!

Uh oh, time to leave town, Spock!

Uh oh is right, RUN SPOCK, RUN! Remember if the ears are not pointy, the baby is not yours! I tell you I really enjoyed Eric's pictures, I always say he takes amazing toy photos, for more check out his toy blog Toyriffic and his art blog for some great images as well.

Well, that's it for Spock's fist stop in California, he has three more to go there. So until then, live long and prosper.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Pop Project

A few of us in the blog community have started a project, The Pop Project, where we "meet" once a month to get an assignment voted on by all the viewers and participants having to do with pop culture. We then go to our separate corners of the world wide web and produce a drawing, sculpture or whatever and return at the beginning of the next month to show off what we have done (and get a new assignment).

To get things started we decided the first project would be sort of an introduction for each of us and the theme would be our fondest childhood pop culture moment and when we discovered that creating things was what we wanted to do.

Mine has to do with a certain homemade droid and Lightsaber from a galaxy far, far away. So I invite all my readers, followers, friends and family to come by The Pop Project and hang out.