Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is another of my favorite Things...

Do da da da, do da da da... sorry we just watched the Sound of Music, I never really sat and watched the whole movie and neither has my wife, so it seemed like a cool thing to do at the time, now we are walking around singing these blasted songs...

Okay, in the 90's Toy Biz cranked out some cool figures of everyone's favorite Marvel Heroes, at least in my opinion some cool figures. Granted there are things like scale and lack of articulation on some of these figures, oh and the barrel shaped bodies of the first releases, but it was sweet to see some of these characters on the shelves. The one that I was looking forward too the most was that ever loving blued eyed Thing, Ben Grimm!

Ben here came from the third series of Marvel Super Heroes, produced in 1991. I remember seeing these previewed in Wizard Magazine and thinking this was the best release to date, the Silver Surfer looked amazing, too bad he was just the series one version dipped in chrome when it actually hit the market. Ben though looked dead on to his prototype, though I could never get mine to hold the sign he came with that he could break with his karate chop, fist pounding action. Which brings me to his action feature, pull his arm back and hit the switch on his back and BAM, he throws down his fist, devastating all that is within its reach... about half an inch.

I have a couple favorite Things, here's an earlier post of one with the best sculpt around, for a toy. Also you can check out the rest of series 3 from 1991 here, enjoy!

Oh and Gooooooood Byeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony...

Okay, maybe not perfect harmony according to the episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, of course in this situation we are talking about the "half blacks" and the "half whites" of the Planet Cheron. One of my more favorite episodes of Star Trek for the following three reasons: The story seemed well done, Frank Gorshin's performance as Bele, and Spock's play by play at the end of the episode.

The story in a nutshell is The Enterprise intercepts two travelers that are bent on destroying each other, see one is black on the right side, the ruling class of Cheron, and the other is white on the right side making him an outcast. Kirk is on a mission to save another planet, Ariannus from a plague when Bele, Frank Gorshin, takes control of the ship so he can return Lokai, played by Lou Antonio, back to Cheron to stand trial. Kirk threatens to destroy the Enterprise to re gain control which works, upon finishing their primary mission to decontaminate the planet of Ariannus, Bele once again takes control and propels them forward to Cheron, where it turns out that the two factions have destroyed each other years ago, both Bele and Lokai blame the other and take their battle to the planet surface where the Enterprise leaves them to their life long battle, the last two members of their society.

So, with that of the way we have a reproduction again produced by EMCE of the classic Mego action figure called Cheron. Obviously Mego took some artistic license with the character, the whole head is black and white, no brown hair as is the body suit, plus the name is the name of the planet and not something like Bele or Lokai. I think these differences between the toy and the actual show can easily be overlooked. I always thought this was an interesting figure so I couldn't wait to get one in hand. I'm not entirely sure, but most of the original Megos have what is called "Cheron Rot" or "Cheron Mold" where the white part of the body suit has had a reaction with the plastic used for the body, cast in black, and has started to stain the body suit. To find one without this is a pretty big deal and could cost a pretty penny, so I was glad that this figure made the list of being reproduced. The plastics used today should be far better and prevent this color change from happening again, so little Cheron here should be safe for as long as I live.

Playmates Toys released a more accurate version in their 9 inch scale and of the character Bele, they can still be found on Ebay at good prices, matter if fact I'm thinking of picking one up soon. I wonder why neither company chose to make the reverse character, that of Lokai? Did Bele when the final confrontation and is now the last citizen of Cheron standing?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Not sure who wasted more time...

The guy who went to the store to buy the latest GI Joe Comic two pack featuring Tunnel Rat and a new version of Storm Shadow, then carefully opened the package and replaced the two new figures, weapons, and comic book with a 2004 - 2005 Slice figure, what looks like a version of the Grunt figure from around say 2003-2005, some assorted weapons from other figures, and the comic book from an earlier comic two pack, I believe the one they call #32 1/2 Comic pack. That comic originally came with a Crimson Guard and the Scarred Cobra Officer. Then tried to carefully repackage everything, go back to the store to return the false merchandise.


Me who saw this (on two different outings to the same store, two weeks apart) placed it on the top peg, shot a picture with my camera phone, looked up as much info as I could about the figures online, formated the image, wrote some text about it and posted it.

Am I just giving these guys, these "swappers", too much attention, sort of like how our media does for the Octomom? Or am I pointing out a trend that I truly think is stupid on so many levels. I think I'm going to start taking pictures of every one I find and rating them. This one, by far, is the best I've seen, but not the only one. I wish I would have snapped a picture of the DVD set where the thief took The GI Joe Quick Kick out and replaced him with a stripped down Serpentor figure. It was the only figure that was missing the rest were still the ones that were supposed to be in the set, simply amazing.

The thing that makes this that much more beautiful is that he took the time to pose the figures like the manufacturers do, with weapons in hand and in somewhat action poses, then sloppily taped the package back together, over the factory tape with ordinary scotch tape.

Friday, April 24, 2009

How not to shoot pictures of your toys

I thought it was a nice day out side, the yard was looking rather nice, the hounds were nowhere to be seen, so why not take my wife's little point and click camera, my new favorite Storm Shadow (from the latest Cobra Box Set) and shoot some pictures ala Toyriffic in the nature!

FAIL! Fence looks too weird in the background, waaaay outta scale!

Not bad, still some clutter in the background...

...wait, what's that licking on me???

Noooo, come on Squee, not now...

Move, move, move... please

Not what I meant.

Oh all right I wouldn't want to stand in the way of some sun bathing...

In other GI Joe News:

GI Joe Resolute is airing this weekend, I've been checking out the individual webisodes that make up the movie they will air this weekend and so far I like it, I think I like it better than what I think the movie will turn out to be. It's not for the faint of heart, this version has blood and gore and bullets, you know, just the thing kids need to see nowadays. I'm really torn because I don't think this is something for kids, but that makes me sad because kids need cartoons and comics and toys made for them. The geek in me really enjoys it though. Why did they have to kill of Bazooka though, poor Bazooka. Check out the rest at or on Cartoon Network this weekend.

Doc Finally Arrived:

In another GI Joe related story, after about eight freaking months, I finally received the one freaking Doc figure I mailed away for. I mean come on one figure, it's not like I'm hoarding these things. Did I forget to mention the three emails I sent Hasbro, and the canceled check to prove I ordered it, I only had to send that twice. Anyway Doc is safe and sound, now to pop this sucka open and put with the rest of my Joes! Finally the team has a doctor, I can stop sending them to the morgue... lets see.

G.I. JOE: 16

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Map Page and Some Trek Links

I'm being a little lazy today, and what better way to be lazy than to surf the web for Trek goodness. So I'm posting some of my favorite Trek info sites, but first the Spockcation Map Page. I thought it would be a lot easier for location updates and for me posting wise to launch the Spockcation State Availability page. I actually launched it last week, but I don't know if it's getting much use, so I thought I would break it down in a post.

The link under the Spockcation feature link, the one marked "click here to see states available", will take you to a page that I update every time I get a new state for the map. Today I got Connecticut, it's sort of small, but it's blue now trust me. Which reminds me Rhode Island is open, I know Spock would love to see some of those Mr. Potato Heads around town. Anyway, click the link and the page will show you what states are still waiting for a host. Then you can drop me an email with your info and I'll put you on the list and color your state blue. Also if you have a website you want featured when I post our pictures, let me know when you send your info.

So if you signed up, thanks, if you know someone in one of those states, maybe forward them a link to see if they are interested. Now speaking of links, here we go.

My Star Trek Scrapbook I love this site, so much Star Trek history all in one place, my vote for the Best Trek Site!

Trek Nostalgia Ran by the Nostalgic Gangster himself, He has more Trek stuff than I could dream of, and excellent and very informative posts as well!

Trek Movie This site has daily posts about the upcoming movie and all sorts of info on new merchandise coming out.

Eavesdropping with Johnny John Eaves' artwork is simply amazing, he is a master of his craft, and is currently featuring one of his heroes, Ron Cobb, another master. People like these inspire me to do better with my own artwork. Go, check out his concepts for Star Trek!

Drex Files Found via Eavesdropping with Johnny, another great view into the back stage goings on of Star Trek, and great detail renderings of the NX-1701!

of course here's the Star Trek Official Site and the Star Trek Movie Official Site. For the Official word on Star Trek, plus a good way to fill in on some Trek episode history.

So go, Trek out on the web, but remember to return to Eclectorama for more Toy, Star Trek Toy, Spockcation, and Basset goodness!

Live Long and Prosper

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chekov the list

Today is Chekov's day! Rounding out my EMCE Mego reproduction bridge crew. Let's back up real quick, Uhura had a figure back in the Seventies, made by Mego, but Chekov is like Sulu and was never produced. I'm not sure why, seems pretty easy, take a Kirk figure, make a couple new heads, reduce the rank accordingly, Bam! You have Chekov and Sulu.

My only guess is that the toy line was either waning in popularity and they did not get produced, or some sort of rights were not negotiated for these characters, or Kirk did not want the yellow shirted competition. All speculation on my part.

Chekov, like Sulu has a really nice Mego like head sculpt and was equipped with the standard issue Phaser, Communicator, and Tricorder. Tip top work there Dr. Mego and EMCE.

The only thing missing is the accent, kids can provide that. " Vhere are your nuclear wessels?"

Side note: I'm doing a little research here, does anyone know why Chekov was not in Star Trek the Animated Series? I think I might know, just want to double check with all the Trek fans.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hailing Frequencies Open

I decided to get some of the EMCE photos up this week so I can catch up, and since I've been in a Star Trek mood this past few weeks, all the Trekkies will get a good dose of Trek Toys!

This time I'm posting a female action figure, yes action figure, since I'm a guy and that's what we call them, not dolls. And yes I did buy this action figure myself, jeez people I'm not afraid to go into a store and purchase Lt. Uhura. I'm secure in my masculinity to go into a store and buy Lt. Uhura. Though, it was much easier to just click "add to cart" when FAO was having that sale online and have her sent to my door in a nice discrete box. Not that I wouldn't pick one up in a store, it's just it was on sale!

I'm just going to move on now. What I like about this action figure is it's the only figure with rooted hair from the Star Trek collection, which I guess if you were a toy company trying to compete with Barbies and what not back in the day you had to have something to comb. I also read that Dr. Mego when designing this reproduction, based on an original Mego toy, he made a few adjustments, that in toy terms is really cool. The hips can pop in an out of socket for a doll like look for playing or a more female figure form for displaying. You know now that I typed this it's sort of creepy, moving on.

What I don't like, and this is nothing against EMCE or Mego, is that the hands can't hold a phaser, which is cool I guess because she didn't come with one. Wait, what? Tricorder, check, phaser and communicator, no! To fix this I guess I need to get one for her, I mean Uhura wasn't just arm candy on the series, she got in there and explored the galaxy with the guys, went on missions to planet surfaces, was exposed to the same aliens as the rest of the gang. Also what gives she needs a communicatorl, she is the communications officer. So even though she can't hold them I'm going to equip her like the rest of the landing team. So I guess I'm off to accessorize my dolly, check you guys later.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ahead Warp Factor Four Mr. Sulu

While we're waiting for Spock's first report from the road, I thought I would show off another really cool looking figure from the EMCE Star trek line, one that Mego did not produce back in the seventies. Well, EMCE didn't let this essential crew member go un-noticed, along with another coming in a future post, and they did a great job on him as well.

"Oh My!"

Okay, I will admit when I was a kid I never wanted to pretend to be Sulu, Chekov, or Doctor McCoy, they just were not as exciting as Kirk, Spock, and Scotty in my book. I did recognize that they were needed and even back them made sure we rounded out or crew during pretend time, before going with Spock's brother, Kirk's cousin, Scotty's clone, and on and on.

Nowadays I seek out these characters, I guess I still try to round out the bridge crew, the magnificent seven, but now on more equal terms. What's the bridge without Sulu and Chekov manning the helm and navigation, the sickbay without Bones, and the communications station without Uhura? I just hope EMCE keeps going and we start getting guest stars, more aliens, and more Federation personnel.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Updated Spockcation Map!

Since I jumped up three states this morning I'm updating the Map to reflect the new States that joined. I have also added a map button under the Spockcation Feature button to make it a little easier to see what states are available!

Oh, if you live in Minnesota and wonder why it's light blue and if you can still join the answer is it's light blue because I'm holding out for a friend to join in, and yes you can still join.

Looks a little crowded over there, but hang in there, I'm working on some new graphics!

Live Long and Prosper

Spock has officially hit the road!

Spock's first stop will be in Canada. Brian over at has set out a groovy 70's welcome matte for our most logical space faring hero.

I have to admit I'm a little jealous of Spock, I have always wanted to take a trip to the Great White North. You think I would know more about our neighbors to the north because of this, but alas all I know I learned from Bob and Doug McKenzie. That is one of the reasons I extended Spock's tour into Canada, hopefully I'll learn a little more about our Canadian neighbors, oh and the second reason we're starting off in Canada... Brain was the first to volunteer to host Spock when I was just throwing out the idea!

It's not too late to get in on hosting Spock, just contact me here if you are interested, the latest list of states participating is here.

So check back as the reports start coming in, Spockcation is go!

UPDATE: Another location in TX (besides me) and OH have joined the list!
UPDATE 2: AL has joined the list!

In a totally unrelated story, here's my preliminary haul of Star Trek Movie merch, it has started to leak out a little early so keep your eyes peeled. The street date for the official toy release is April 19 (though I heard that the Enterprise should be hitting around April 17th, not sure why it was hitting a few days early).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wee Iron Man

Just for no other reason here's Wee Iron Man.

Okay there is a reason I picked this up, it reminds me of a halloween costume we made for my son when he was little.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Little Toy Break...

For my readers that are toy fans and might be getting tired of Spockcation and Puppies, like who could get tired of either of those? Anyway, here are some pics of Marvel Universe 3-3/4" Captain America and a GI Joe Resolute Cobra Trooper, so it's a two for one!

oooh, very mean looking

Let's start with the Cobra Trooper. GI Joe Resolute is a new cartoon with a little more grittier feel to it, so far all I have seen of it is this YouTube Video:

Oh man, "A Ninja? I didn't know we had a Ninja!" That get's me every time. See what I mean about grittier? Bullets instead of lasers. I do miss the lasers, kids shouldn't have to grow up so fast. I do think this cartoon has an older audience in mind though.

with all his gear

The figure itself looks sort of like what I would have expected the troopers from the new movie to look like, except maybe with the Cobra symbol on them. I'm not disappointed that the symbol is not there, it makes him generic enough to fight other figures like Cap here.

Heeeeeere's the Cap'n

some nice shield storage

Captain America, from Hasbro like the Trooper, is part of the new Marvel Universe 3-3/4" line. This is a modern version of the character, I personally would like to have seen the classic version first, but hey you take what you can get. Makes more sense that he's modern fighting this modern looking Trooper. If he was classic I would have to hunt down some of those Indiana Jones German Soldier two packs on clearance. Which I might end up doing since the classic is supposed to make an appearance in a Secret Wars Comic Two Pack (I believe this summer).

Look out Cap!

When Captain America throws his mighty shield!

Victorious, Yo Jo...err Captain America!

I think this is a pretty cool time to collect 3-3/4" figures, we've had GI Joe and Star Wars for years, last year it was Indy, this year we get Marvel Universe, DC joined the fray not too long ago, and in a few weeks Star Trek in the same scale. I can finally have that Battle Royal with all my favorites, I think it may look something like this...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Official! Launch Date is Set!

I like the way that sounds, like I'm announcing some big Star Trek Event... Spockcation, April 14th, 2009, Be There!

In a way it is a big deal, Spockcation has grown from an estimated 4 states to 13 states (including Canada), with a "maybe" for one more location to start things off. So I'm both happy and excited about Spock's trip.

So here's some fun facts about Spockcation so far:

• 13 States have signed up so far
• 3 States are being represented with multiple locations
• 2 hosts have volunteered to take Spock into neighboring States
• 17 Locations total so far
• 13 Participants (not including family members that are being recruited as I write this)
• Traveling Spock is a 2008 EMCE Toys Action Figure, a reproduction of the classic Mego Action Figure.
• Spock's stand-ins for the various graphics are from my Spocklection (Spock + Collection = Spocklection, yes I make up goofy words), the one above is the 9 inch Playmates Toys Spock from the 90's.

Here are the Locations:

New Hampshire
New Jersey - 2 locations
Georgia - 3 locations
California - 2 locations
Texas - Home Town

I'm sending Spock to Canada first and he will be working down into the States from there. I'm thinking just these locations will last the summer, as Spock will most likely spend a week at most locations, a little longer for hosts that are taking him into multiple locales, plus there is transit time. Since we are taking hosts as we go this could stretch out longer!

So keep an eye in you email for your Spock Notification, and check back here as we get reports of Spock's Travels, and as always, Live Long and Prosper.

UPDATE: Another State jumped on board last night, North Carolina, thanks to Darius over at Adventures in Nerdiness. Darius also did a really nice write, go check out his blog! Thanks D!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Khaaaaaaaaaaan! Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan! D'oh!

Okay for a split second I thought about driving to Austin to see the Wrath of Khan, and decided that it would be sold out. See I live about 45 minutes, at a good clip, from Austin.

So what did I miss? check out this story at

Oh, and to add insult to injury, my boss informs me that the company (because we are a Star Trek license holder) was invited to attend one of the premiers, I'm assuming the Austin one, since we are close by. Why doesn't this sort of thing get filtered down to the art department?

Here's a link to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema with more.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick Spockcation Update

Just a quick post to let everyone Spockcation is still on. Spock is making some last minute preparations and then he will be on his way. I will be sending out email reminders, but if you haven't already sent in your mailing address feel free to do so. Also, if you are interested in hosting, it's not too late. We'll be taking volunteers during the whole trip.

Check back soon for more info and as always Live Long and Prosper!

Gertie Update!

Okay, since I was asked here are some stats and background information on little Gertie. This will also come in handy as we have family out of town that might be interested in the latest member of the family. I promise I'll get back to toys for my toy collecting audience soon.

Gertie's Stats:

Full name: Gertie... (We are still trying to decide on her full formal name)
Breed: English Bulldog
Gender: Female
Coat: Brindle
Father: English Bulldog
Mother: English Bulldog
Age: As of 4/5/2009, 8 Weeks
Favorite Things to Do: Eat, Sleep, Poop and chew on everything
Favorite Toy: Purple Rubber Ring with Knotted Rope Tether
Funniest Moment (To Date): Chasing and terrorizing two full grown Bassets that are easily 3 to 4 times larger than herself.
Item of Note: To date she loves the camera and is not afraid in the least to have her picture taken, matter of fact she heads for the camera and pretty much looks directly at it, it is hard to get candid shots.

A nice side shot of her coat

Chasing Auntie Squee

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Special Announcement

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days, but we have been trying to get ready for a new member of the family. My son is now a father, so to speak.

I present... Gertie.