Friday, August 31, 2007

Comic Pack Trooper in Disguise!

This weeks Stormtrooper of the Week is really one of those Rebels in disguise. The Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise and R2-D2 Comic Pack from Hasbro. I'm actually posting these out of order, one mainly because I have been buying these out of order and two this is the only one I have so far. So this is set four of the series to date. I like the concept of getting a comic book with a toy, I'm just not too sure about the paint applications on these figures. I understand what they are trying to do by making them look like they stepped from the comic, but I'm not entirely sure it's working. Again getting a comic is a great idea, I liked it with the Marvel Legends, I liked it with the Batman figures, and I likes it with my Star Wars figures.

What's cool about this figure pack is that Luke in this disguise has never really had this much articulation, which leads some to buy the pack and modify the figure by removing all the blue hi-lights. Which I'm not about to do, but it looks like Hasbro has decided to re-release these with out the hi-lights, meaning I better snatch up a Han Solo with the blue paint apps to match my Luke.

The Comic packs that are in stores now span the Marvel and Dark Horse comic runs, and it looks like besides the homage to the Marvel Comics, they are hitting the most popular Dark Horse stories. I'm more interested in these classic ones, so far besides Luke and R2, we have Han Solo in Disguise / Chewbacca, Grand Moff Tarken / Stormtrooper (thought I would start with this one, right?), and Darth Vader / Rebel Soldier. All come with one of the four re-printed issues from the Marvel Star Wars Comics. As was said here before in the comments, could a certain green rabbit be on the way?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

American Dream

A few months back I started my sketch blog with a version of this character. Here's the toy that somewhat inspired that sketch. I made some changes, like the standard issue wings on Captain America's mask that I added to the sketch, along with some nods to the classic look.

This figure stands about 4" to 5" tall and has a giant shield, which I later read was handed down from Captain America, but still look at the size of that thing. I've noticed that the shield seems to be the hardest thing for toy companies to nail down, it's either too small or way too large. This would be considered a Toy Biz pre Marvel Legends meaning not a lot of articulation. Released to the specialty market, this figure did not see mass release, and was part of a set of First Appearance Women Figures that included Spider-Girl, Wild Thing, and Stinger.

Once I completed the sketch I went in search of this figure to compare and decided that even though the figure is cool, I liked the "classic" feel of the sketch and continued to finish it out from there. I've often thought about going back and trying to complete this four figure set as well as trying my own twist on the feminization of some other Marvel and DC Characters.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saviour of the Universe!

Recently my wife had been going on and on about how this had just been released on DVD and she wanted to pick up a copy, so while walking through a store I picked it up so we could watch it later that weekend. I was really surprised at how much she liked this movie, more surprised that we actually had conversations based on the character of Flash Gordon as he appeared in this movie for a couple of days before even sitting down to watch it... and that I didn't start them.

Seeing this movie reminds me of those Saturdays where it had been raining all morning and you had nothing much to do but watch cartoons and whatever Saturday Morning Movie the big three networks were showing. We seemed to get Flash Gordon and the 60's Batman Movie more than often, which is perfectly fine by me.

Anyway after the showing of Flash Gordon here, I checked out the feature with the interview with Alex Ross and was surprised once again as he had mentioned, almost word for word, some of the topics we had discussed days before... weird. Oh, and Alex Ross really seems to enjoy this movie as well, always good to know that people in the biz have pretty good foundations in the world they work in, unlike a few account execs and editors I've had the pleasure to submit artwork too.

A little bonus is a black and white sketch post card inserted in the case by Mr. Ross, who also supplied the cover art for the DVD! Oh yeah, and wasn't Max Von Sydow the best Ming the Merciless hands down? Hail Ming!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Super Friends Sets!

Not sure if any of my readers hit Cost Co, but I had the opportunity to check one out and made away with this set! They have the set pictured above (which will be opened shortly) and one with Superman, the Flash, and Lex Luthor. I needed the Green Lantern and Aquaman, plus an extra Bats never hurts. I didn't think I would find an Aquaman, but they had a pallet full of these things!

So go forth and tell the masses the Super Friends are in sets now! And the price isn't that bad either! $16.99 for the set!

The Flying Fortress

I am not a Hot Wheels Collector, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Sure I have a few (mostly Batmobiles), and I've always said that Hot Wheels collectors have it made, let's face it a majority of the items they collect are about a buck. When was the last time you could say you bought a brand new action figure for a buck and some change?

Well all that said, I passed down the toy car aisle the other day and this one kind of jumped out at me. Because, not only does it remind me of a plane to truck conversion model a friend of mine built as a kid (yeah, we were a little special back then) but it is based on one of my all time favorite airplanes of WW II, the B-17, and not only that, the B-17G, my absolute favorite model of the B-17! I was pretty excited, and thought wow that's really cool, so I picked it up, made me think back to my younger days when I would build model airplanes and research all I could on the different versions.

Others in my shopping party were less excited.

Monday, August 27, 2007

JLU Weekend!

My JLU collection just received some new members this weekend! I know that others probably have had these for months, but this past weekend was the first time I have seen these in stores here. The Orion was the one I was looking for (for the longest time!), Sinestro came in handy for the villains, but "Kyler Raynor" ( I always thought it was Kyle Rayner, with an "e") on a single was just a bonus. I immediately went home and opened Orion and Sinestro. I think I'll keep Kyle on the card, see I have one from a three pack open, and I'm not that big on keeping stuff packaged, especially with the JLU (about Half and Half on the subject), it's just fun to have them all lined up on the shelf! I just thought this would be a nice figure to have in a package...he is after all the artist Green Lantern.

As an added bonus that night "Challenge of the Super Friends" came on Boomerang and the first villain to make an appearance on the episode was Sinestro!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Medicom RAH Stormtrooper: Part One

After yesterday afternoon's post, I really debated on taking the rest of the week off to cool down, but you know I don't know why I got so upset. Sure things like that really make me angry, but I love this hobby, and the good out way the bad on so many occasions. Having said that, I really wasn't ready for the SOTW, but I do have a preview picture of a Stormtrooper that is waiting to be opened. I say waiting to be opened because the house is full of dust from construction and I'm patiently waiting for the day I can set the collection up again. This will be one of the first to get taken out of the box. Until then consider this a two part Stormtrooper of the week.

So I bring you The Medicom Stormtrooper Part One! I'm sure most have seen the Medicom toys reviewed all over the web, and the pictures look amazing, but holding one of these you can really see the detail in the piece. Like I've said I have yet to crack the box open, so I can't comment on pose-ability or the actual "feel", but man these things look pretty life like, like they stepped out of the movie. Medicom is the same Japanese company that produces the Kubricks. I really like the feel of their toys, they seem solid and well built, plus they have the fun factor. This Stormtrooper is one of the first Real Action Heros line that I have from the company, besides a Spike Spiegal from Cowboy Bebop (I'm not sure it's really a part of the RAH line) so it should be a whole new experience opening this one.

The Stormtrooper was a gift this past Christmas from my parents. They always ask every year what everyone wants, I really do not like making lists, I always feel weird doing so, so much that I usually ignore the request for a list, but when I saw this was available online I shot my Dad an e-mail that said this is all I want. You know if I would have had the web as a kid, my Christmas lists would have looked a lot better than crayons and pictures cut from the Sears Catalog.

Well, my parents must still love me because, not only did they buy their adult son a toy for Christmas, this was a pre order that wouldn't arrive till about February of the following year, so they wrapped a picture of the trooper downloaded from the website and wrote they order number on it. That's what I always remember about my parents growing up, the attention to the little details. When the Stormtrooper finally arrived I dropped by my parent s house, my Dad gave it to me and made a comment like "that's a nice box, you going to open it?" I said I wasn't sure, and he responded with " Open it, if you want to get one to keep in the box you have to get it yourself, this one was given to open". Crazy because I really haven't felt the need to get a second one to keep in the box, but this guy will be set free per my Dad's orders.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Okay at lunch today I had to run an errand, so I thought I would check out the local Wal Mart toy section, because while I do not necessarily like shopping Wal Mart, they are getting a set of G.I. Joes that I kind of want. But this trip was especially pleasant. As I made my way from the entrance to the toy section the smell of dankness and despair filled the air, that and urine, as I passed by a aisle that was blocked off with a couple of mop buckets. Nice.

As I rounded the corner I could see that the Star Wars section had been restocked and right up front was this beauty. A Stormtrooper! So what, what's up with that. Well what's up is someone has taken the time, and not enough to be careful, to open the package, take out the super articulated trooper and replace him with a 1995 Power of the Force 2 - Stormtrooper! What the hell is wrong with someone that they would expend this type of time and energy to get six bucks and some change back on a figure on top of stealing the figure that they apparently wanted? A freaking slime ball, crook that's who. This kind of crap really makes me sick, why even do this? You didn't want the 1995 one, just throw it away. Wow, you got one over on the man, you got money back and ripped off a toy! A freaking toy! Great job you jack ass!

You know somewhere in that demented freaks mind he thinks he one upped Wal Mart. You know who will loose? Another customer, that's who. Some kid might get this for a present and figure it out, maybe not, or the store might change their policy on Star Wars figures, who knows. The corporate giant isn't going to be hurt, they probably wouldn't give a crap as long as someone else buys it. Well I was pretty sickened by this and snapped the photo, I left it on the pegs too, and here's why. It's obvious that the average employee / department manager couldn't give a crap because the store looks and smells like a flea market (actually I've never been to a flea market that smells like urine) plus I was hoping that this slime has been seeking this damn figure for so long that he has told friends and family he wanted it, and I hope that one of them spies it and goes "oh there's that dumb Stormtrooper, asshole is looking for, I think I 'll pick it up for him!" and he gets this one back. I know the later won't happen but I can dream. What I know is I ended up just leaving the store. I left behind pegs full of other Star Wars characters I would like to own and 12" G.I. Joes that were calling my name. I left this store behind, and may never return, I am also re evaluating the whole toy collecting thing because of this, it's a shame that stuff like this happens and leads to other people's unhappiness. What have we become?

IG-88: Empire Strikes Back

I have to say, I thought I would never see a nicer version of this Droid than the original. You think about it, how can you do more for a figure of this character. Well that didn't stop Hasbro. This is another one of those "Vintage" figures that are in stores right now, the ones that are super detailed and packaged on vintage looking cards, like the Snowtrooper and Luke before. The thing that amazes me about this figure is the amount of articulation they put into small frame. The legs on this thing are seriously smaller than a number 2 pencil in width, but non the less it has knee joints.

I remember thinking as a kid it would be cool to be able to pose the original, instead of just the stiff leg stance, but watching the movie over and over all these years I realized that this is just that a stiff legged prop. The added articulation on this figure, as well as some other recent purchases, also got me thinking about the durability of today's playthings. Do you think that the articulation on those knees will hold up for more than twenty years like the original stiff legged version. I'm guessing those will be the second thing to go after all the elaborate accessories. It seems more and more todays toys, action figures anyway, are being created for collectors. So will kids ever get to have fond memories of these things, or find them years later in their parents attic or basement and revel in the joy of finding a lost friend? It makes me wonder about this hobby and where it is headed.

So having said this, I still think it's a nicer version. Great sculpt, articulation galore, cool accessories. You know, I'm just going to display it, I really don't think it was made with a child in mind, and that is kind of sad.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Luke Skywalker - Empire Strikes Back Fatigues

This figure is part of the 2007 Hasbro Star Wars 30th Anniversary Vintage Collection (Wow! That's a mouthful). Probably not one of the most popular figures from this subset of figures, which includes the Snowtrooper, Bossk, IG-88, Princess Leia in her Endor outfit, and little Han Solo in his Snow suit, but I think it's a cool representation of the character at that point in the movie. I say this because it always seems like they make a version of Luke in this outfit that is "Dagobah Dirty" or "Your Not My Father Screaming". Both of which leave little room for a child (big or small) to take Luke on other adventures with out looking like something Yoda dragged from the swamp, or Papa Vader chunked down a air-shaft (I know Luke jumped). This figure seems more universal, like the original vintage figure it is based on. Sure he's in his fatigues, but he could be on Cloud City, Dagobah, the Death Star, back on Tatooine, who knows, that's what makes it kinda of neat. Not to mention he has a ton of articulation and a blaster that can be holstered!

Friday, August 17, 2007

12 inch Dewback Patrol

This weeks Stormtrooper is one of my all time favorites not only because it is a Sandtrooper, but he's comes with a pet. A pet Dewback to be precise. I know I've said it before, but the Dewbacks in the original Star Wars (before the many, many remakes) always fascinated me. I used to think it was so cool that these futuristic looking dudes were riding around on creatures instead of flying around in hover cars.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a Dewback grazing in your backyard... on second thought I don't think I would want to clean up the Dewback Poodo in the back yard. I imagine the HOA would have a few things to say about the smell.

Well no worries with this Dewback and trooper combo. From the Power of the Force 2 line by Hasbro, these two are huge! I threw a ruler in for reference so you can get an idea of the size. The trooper is in the 1/6th scale (12 inches) along with the Dewback. Now I know that the Dewback should be a little bigger, but I also realize manufacturing capabilities what they are, I should just be thankful that they produced him at this size. I could imagine the cost of a too scale Dewback. The Dewback is about 24 to 26 inches in length, easily the size of a small dog. Speaking of dogs, the day this arrived I unpacked it and set it up on the kitchen floor and the bassets commenced to howling. They didn't know what it was, but they knew they didn't like it. They eventually came around and will occasionally sniff it to see if it's going to move.

Well it's off to find them pesky droids... getty up!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coffee Shop Spock (or a Tale of Two Spocks)

Well Ebay strikes again! I was after the 1998 Playmates 9" Mirror Mirror Spock and ended up with the 1997 Playmates 9" City on the Edge of Forever Mr. Spock as well. Both of these were KB Toys Exclusives at their time, but now they are a good example of how modern toys do not hold their value that well. Once, these would be about 35 to 45 bucks each (and some sellers are still trying to get that for them) but now both can be had for less than what they retailed for.

The Mirror Mirror Spock, or Evil Spock, is one of my favorites. You may remember an earlier post where I won the regular action figure of this character. Well I knew once I saw that this guy was going for such a decent price I needed to throw my hat into the ring. I thought I would try a little diversion in that the seller had the second Spock up for bid as well and the same bidder was bidding on both, plus the second was ending two minutes before the Evil Spock and it had a little more interest as there were several bidders. I immediately dropped a bid on the second Spock, or as I like to call him Coffee Shop Spock, cause he looks like he's dressed for a little action at the local Star Fleet Bucks. My thinking was that the two bidders already there would be distracted enough that I could bid on the Evil Spock and not be hassled by a bid war. Well my plan sort of back fired because not only did I get Evil Spock, but his buddy Coffee Shop Spock came along for the ride.

Still I made out paying less for both of these with shipping than if I would have picked them both up at the store back in the 90's, so not really a bad deal. A bonus is that Coffee Shop Spock is sort of growing on me. I'm thinking of crafting him a easy chair and side table in some mod colors, trade in his phaser, tricoder, and communicator for an iPod, Laptop, and Mobile Phone, then serve him up a danish and a nice espresso.

Coffee Shop Spock will be kicking it in style on the ole' desk, until that ass, Evil Spock, comes along and knocks over his espresso and eats his danish.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

GI Joe 25th Anniversary: Storm Shadow

Always thought this character could be more on the show. I realize he only exists to battle Snake Eyes, and there's nothing wrong with having an arch enemy. So when I found Snake Eyes, I knew I had to find Storm Shadow. The next day after getting my new Joe, while we were out rounding up supplies I scoped out the local Target and they happened to have reset the action figure aisle and there he was in all his evil Cobra glory.

My dilemma was that he was hanging above Cobra Commander! Well my sense of balance ruled over my sense for world domination and Storm Shadow found his way into the basket. But I know Cobra Commander will not be far behind. This line might actually be fun to collect, the waves so far seem rather manageable and the price is again rather decent.

Well onto the figure! Storm Shadow again comes in the cool old school package, has a stand and a few more accessories than ole' Snake Eyes (poor Storm Shadow doesn't have a pet though) Two swords, a throwing knife, and a bow with arrows sculpted into his back pack, that I will note didn't break like my Green Arrow quiver full of arrows from the DC: New Frontier line when I removed him from the package. That's what super glue is made for apparently. Storm Shadow sports roughly the same amount of articulation as Snake Eyes, and can pull off some pretty cool poses like his Joe counterpart.

So far the forces are pretty even:
Joes 1, Cobra 1.
Who will gain the advantage? Only time will tell...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

GI Joe 25th Anniversary: Snake Eyes

I never really considered myself a huge GI Joe Collector. I have a few pieces that I enjoy that bring back memories, but I never really kept at it full steam ahead all these years. Having said that, I think it's time to get into GI Joe mode for a while. I have this figure to blame. The GI Joe 25th Anniversary Snake Eyes! I've been watching these a few weeks in the online discussions, played around with maybe ordering a few, then I happened to find one on the pegs in a Wal Mart, so I picked it up. Ka Bam! I'm hooked! These are great little figures, the packaging looks a little old school, the accessories are numerous, and they even have a pretty decent price (better than the Star Wars figures anyway).

Like I said I have some 12" Joes, a few reproduction "vintage" Kung Fu Grip guys, and a couple of my Real American Heroes left, I even tried getting back into the line when they were released a few years back with new sculpts. These new ones might get me going full throttle again as far as tiny Joes go. This guy sports a whopping nineteen points of articulation (that I can count), most being ball joints, hey, don't those count double? If so that would bring the number up to about twenty-five. The sculpt on this guy is also just amazing, and he even has a working sheath for his combat knife. Throw in his pet wolf, Timber, and a stand, and you have a great little starter here.

The next day we went out and I found his arch enemy (post to follow) and I knew I would end up getting sucked into the GI Joe Real American Hero line again. What makes it worse is now I hear Wal Mart is going to release a set of reproduction Kung Fu Grip 12" Adventure Team and that the Sigma Six line (which I was kind of on the fence about) is starting to incorporate the new Kung Fu Grip and Adventure theme into it's line. A couple of them look really cool.

Between GI Joe, the new DC Super Friends, and the vintage reproduction Star Trek, it pains me to say that Star Wars maybe taking a back seat for a while... cause now I know about the new American Hero Line... And knowing is half the battle! Yo Joe!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Nine Inch Batman!

A while back I had a post about Hasbro's new Marvel nine inch figures called the Marvel Signature Series, but before Hasbro was doing the Marvel thing it was the long time license holder for all things DC Comics. Funny how things change in the world of toys and licensing. Mego did DC and Marvel, Mattel Did Marvel, Kenner did DC, then Toy Biz did DC and lost it back to Kenner (bought by Hasbro), so Toy Biz bought Marvel and did Marvel toys, then Hasbro lost DC to Mattel, and Marvel fired Toy Biz (which had owned Marvel) and Hasbro now does Marvel. Whew that was fun.

Well back to Hasbro and their DC Figures. These were one of those things I saw just walking down the action figure aisle at Toys R Us back in the day, matter of fact I don't even think they were kept on the main isle of action figures back then. These were before the days of scalpers and toy reporters, so I was able to pick up Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow over the course of a couple months. I thought, wow what could be coming next if they started with these guys!

Well, I always wondered where Bats and Sups were, so not too long after I had picked up the first wave so to speak, Batman and Superman showed up as Target exclusives with as about the same fanfare as the previous release. I grabbed up Batman and Superman without having a second thought, and would later find Martian Man Hunter at KB Toys before they all dried up here. Target exclusives included two more different Batman Figures in this line as well as the Joker (yea!) and the Penguin, plus a new Superman. The last of which is one of two figures I do not own from this line (yet) the other being Superman Blue. I cannot force myself to buy this figure, though on a side note I did get the Marvel equivalent of this character, Iron Spider-man. In addition to those mentioned above, there was a Golden Age Batman and Robin set released online and a Batman Beyond version that I believe was only sold at Warner Bros. Stores.

This Batman features a rubber mask, so you can take it off to expose Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne. It doesn't fit the best, but it is a nice feature, making this my favorite of the series. Along with the scale and cloth costume, this feature really reminds me of the old Megos of the day with the removable masks. I have a feeling that was what the designer was trying to accomplish.

Sadly the line died, much like what's happening now with the Marvel version of these figures, before the Flash, Hawkman, or even more villains could make appearances. But you know I often wonder if I could modify one of the Marvel Dare Devils or Captain Americas that are on clearance now and make the Flash... maybe, maybe.

Friday, August 10, 2007

SOTW: Galactic Heroes Sandtrooper

Thought I forgot, didn't you? Well I have been rearranging some things and thought Stormtrooper of the Week might fit good on Fridays for awhile.

So for this weeks SOTW I bring you the wittle, bitty, cutsie Sandtrooper from Star Wars a New Hope. I've gone on record before as to my belief that no matter what type of trooper you are, you are still a Stormtrooper. The Sandtroopers happen to be my favorite of all the Stormtroopers, I remember the scenes in Star Wars when they were looking for the droids being some of my favorites and when you say Stormtrooper these are the ones I think of.

Mater fact one of my favorite fan films stars, this group of troopers as they track down those infamous droids. If you get a chance go and download the 1997 fan film Troops and watch it. It's 30 MB, but well worth it. Hee Lare Eee Uss!

Anyway back to the SOTW, this Sandtrooper from Hasbro's Galactic Heroes Line comes packed with none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi so he can practice those Jedi mind tricks on him. I even hear through the grapevine (the internet) that these will come packed in a larger set, that when combined with a second larger set will make up the cantina from the first movie. I try not to dump money on these large sets, but this one might be worth the wait... it would be great if it played the cantina music too.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just a Reminder

Not big on the cross promotion thing, but sometimes it's a necessity.

The sketch blog has had a few updates, not as many as I would like, but a few none the less.

Have a chance, remember to check out the StudioHowell Sketchbook.

One of My Favorite Things!

I know, corny, but this IS one of my favorite Things.

Just before Toy Biz broke with Marvel last year, they released a set of Fantastic Four Figures. This is one of the Things from that set, the only figure I bought from the set actually. Possibly one of the last Toy Biz Marvel figures I purchased, I really hated to see them loose the license.

I really dig the look of this version of the Thing, sometimes they just don't capture this character right, this just happens to be the best likeness so far, in my opinion.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Death Star Trooper

I've been waiting for a better version of this figure for a while now. Sure they did a more accurate one in the POTF2 line when the Hasbro / Star Wars Toy Machine geared up production again, but this one not only has more detail, but more articulation. Plus I am now one step closer in completing an updated "Original Twelve" Display (more on this to come).

A fun little note about the times we live in. Hasbro has no problems releasing a figure called "Death Star Trooper" today, I'm guessing because death is a regular event on our news and television sitcoms now, or at least in the short time I've been alive. Remember when something like Three's Company would be considered racy? Well now it's nothing compared to the shows you can get on your local stations. Anyway back in 1978 when this character first made his appearance he was called the "Death Squad Commander", that didn't last long Kenner (now Hasbro) immediatley changed the name to "Star Destroyer Commander" which happens to be the name that this figure is known by.

I must have received mine before the change, because I've always known mine as the Death Squad Commander, made sense to me at the time, I just figured he was the guy in charge of carrying out Grand Moff Tarkin's orders to execute Princess Leia. All my non geek readers are going, whaaaa? with the who now?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Holy Bat PEZ!

What can you say about PEZ that hasn't been said before? I personally have reduced my PEZ habit to a few packs a day... I kid.

I used to have a ton of PEZ dispensers, you have to admit these things are a little addictive. I finally rounded up most of my PEZ and put them in a large shoe box and sold them in a garage sale, keeping only the ones I truly like. Talk about a liberating feeling, letting go of stuff, kind of weird to hear that from a collector, but every once in a while I feel the need to purge the collection, one day I'll be back down to one tote of stuff... Hahahah Hahahahaha, man that really does sound funny.

Anyway I only have a few Heroes, some Star Wars, and a foreign PEZ in my collection now, and am much happier now that I only have to set up a few when the shelf gets bumped and not an army . Still, to this day I check out all the cool PEZ that are hanging on the end caps.

Well here's the ones I kept that represent the Dark Knight, still a would love to find a Joker one, possibly the Batman with the plastic cap. Who knows a knew Batman movie is on the horizon, maybe we'll see a Joker PEZ again, I think I could afford the self space for the Joker, not sure I would eat any of the candy from a psychotic clown though.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Playmates Classic Star Trek

I thought I would follow up last Friday's Star Trek post with a part of the Playmates (Toy Company) Classic Star Trek Bridge Crew Set. This is the Captain James T. Kirk figure from that classic set. The box set was released on the Nineties, about half way through Playmates run of Star Trek figures. I remember when these were finally released I dropped two on layaway for myself, and one that I picked up as a gift for a friend. I would go and make payments every month till the day came that they could come home. My son and I ripped into one set and we had a pretty good time playing Classic Trek on the living room floor.

Now the good captain here, resides with the rest of his crew in the Eclectorama Collection. I always liked the chunky look to these figures, and count them as some of my favorites, besides the Megos of coarse. Until I have a chance to shoot pictures of the set in the box, here's a link to what they looked like in the package. What kid would not love getting one of these? No matter how old they are.

I've just noticed that I've hit post number 100! Thanks Captain! Ahead Warp Factor Five!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Seductress, thy name is Ebay!

Why do I find myself searching for treasures online? I tried selling stuff on Ebay, but ended up using most the money to buy something else that I wanted more. Hello my name is Charles and I'm an Auctionholic.

Anyway here's a pic of the latest "find" on Ebay. Now most people go on the bay and buy that item they longed for no matter what the price. I do a have a rule that I tend to follow. Get it at a deal! If the market demands 40 bucks for an item, I want it at 10. With a little patience you can eventually find a bargain (or what I as a collector would call a bargain, the normal person would call it junk).

So with that said here's my latest conquest, the AVON Art Asylum Star Trek figure set. What better way to get a cool Mr. Spock and the rest of the Holy Trek Trinity all in one shot? Live Long and Prosper...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pinewood Batmobile

I've been saving this Batmobile for quite some time. This is my Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Batmobile. Note the racing numbers, this wasn't a show car it was a fast running little machine. I'm not sure if all my readers are familiar with the Pinewood Derby, so here's a brief explanation. You start with a block of wood, pine to be exact, that have two spots already carved for axles and a roughed out cockpit area, some nails to complete the axle assembly and four plastic wheels. Now you can stop there, or you can carve the shape of any car you want, you just have to remember that the more you carve the more you reduce the running weight of the car. That said you are allowed to add weight in strategic areas to help increase your chances of coming in first down the long wooden, ramp like, track. There are all sorts of rules and regulations, cars have to weigh in, you can't push them, blah, blah, blah. So you are left to work inside the confines of the Pinewood Derby Track Rules.

I was probably entering my Batman phase as this Pinewood Derby Monster was created, and yes I did have my Dad's help on this. Who else was going to help me carve batwings and smelt the lead for the weight, right? I had to sketch out the shape of the car on the block, my Dad supervised my use of carving implements, and I ponied up some decals from my plastic Batboat at the time. I show up on race day with my Batmobile under wraps, I figure a grand reveal was in order at weigh in. I take the cover off and place it on the scale, perfect, it wasn't over, it was right on. Then one of the Scout Masters makes a comment about receiving help on this car. I wasn't shy, I said with pride that my Dad helped me realize this dream car (in not so many words). That is when it started, I was grilled for what seemed like a life time on how much help I was given, and it was immediately decided that the Batmobile could not be entered in the show car category. I was heart broken, I had actually worked on this car with my Dad, it wasn't like I had him do the whole car. The winner was a block of wood that looked like it was dipped in ugly. ( I think they were trying to teach me a lesson, never trust a jerk ass Scout Master is what I learned). I apologize if any of my readers are Scout Masters, I'm sure they all are not jerk asses.

I was allowed to run in the race portion, because apparently they expected parents to help put wheels on and such. Well I can truly say revenge is a dish served swift and cold. The Batmobile dominated the competition, block car after block car fell, until the Dark Knight's ride was the last car standing! First Place Baby! In my mind I was avenged and I could hear the fanfare playing as I strolled up to take the trophy, take that and stick it in you pipe, jerk ass! That's How I Roll!

Flash forward to now and I'm walking down the hobby isle at Hobby Lobby and what do I see? Not one, but two kits that let you upgrade your pinewood racer to Batmobile status. Now I don't know if any of my readers have ever wandered down the pine wood derby section of the local Hobby Lobby, but if you do you are sure to notice these new kits to modify your little pinewood racer along with weights, decals, pre-carved bodies, and a ton of accessories. I always thought about picking them up and trying my hand at it again, but it always seemed like cheating to me, plus I have the one true Original Pinewood Batmobile!